Axed: Lucifer, The Exorcist.

FOX swings the axe in the US on two dramas screening here on Pay TV.

Lucifer has been axed in the US by FOX after 3 seasons.

The series based on the characters co-created by Neil Gaiman, featured Tom Ellis as a fallen angel who worked with the LAPD.

Series showrunner Joe Henderson broke the news on Twitter. “So… yeah. #Lucifer has been cancelled,” he wrote. “And it f—ng HURTS. I loved this show so damn much and everyone put their heart and soul into it. Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to describe.”

It aired in Australia on FX.

FOX has also cancelled The Exorcist after two seasons. Loosely based on the William Peter Blatty novel and 1973 film, the modern-day re-working featured Geena Davis in the first season, with Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniel, Kurt Egyiawan plus John Cho in the second season.

Averaging 1.32m US viewers it was FOX’s lowest-rated drama this year. It aired in Australia on Showcase.

Source: Variety

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  1. Noooo not Lucifer :'(. And worst of all, the showrunner in an interview said it wasn’t intended as a series finale so it ends on a major cliffhanger! Nothing worse than when networks don’t give viewers a decent ending after years of investment.

    1. Last episode Chloe and Lucifer almost kissed, before being interrupted by a death. That takes things back to S1, after over 2 seasons of stalling to create UST. Now it will end before the do anything with Chloe knowing Lucifer really is the devil and us never finding out why God made Chloe.

      1. Totally agree, when shows are suddenly concluded without appropriate story closure it leaves a bad taste for devoted viewers and creates a lack of enthusiasm to get involved in other shows that look doubtful of a long run in the future, experience tells us that nothing will change especially in the American production companies, if there are no long run shows its not a worthwhile investment, which overseas experience with short run TV series has shown is wrong.

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