Axed: screenPLAY

7mate gaming and esports series screenPLAY has been axed after 10 months on air.

The series, hosted by former Good Game presenters, Stephanie Bendixsen and Nich Richardson, aimed its content at broadcast and social media platforms, but ratings for the show were modest, whilst costs were also understood to be a factor.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Everyone worked really hard and with passion.  Commercial reality had to kick in though – if performance targets are not being met, eventually the very hard call had to be made.”

Last night the team told fans via social media, “We wanted to say to you all how incredible you’ve been supporting our show since the very beginning. But the time has come to say goodbye.

“We maintain that we have one of the best communities of any show, ever – sharing some of the funniest, happiest, craziest moments we’ve had in video games.

“Together as a team we’ve loved coming to work every day to make content, share thoughts and hear from you guys about your opinions, speculations and stories as well. It sucks, but unfortunately there are commercial realities in TV.

“We feel super proud of everything we built, and we know we’ll find new ways for this community to live on in some form.

“Thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement. You’ve been absolutely amazing.”


  1. I didn’t mind it, so sad to see it go. I had no interest in the e-Sports side of it, but besides that I enjoyed it. Oh well, plenty of review type shows on the internet.

  2. I watched this show a few times but found all the male hosts to be really annoying. Like they were trying to hard to be funny and entertaining, so I’m not that surprised that it was axed…

  3. I loved Good Game but found Screenplay unwatchable it was typical commercial TV, fast moving, noisy, superficial. GG was going to die anyway (the ABC was only going to give it another 6 months) because the times had moved against it. Games studio are approaching things like Hollywood blockbusters, lots of promotion and puff pieces from tame journalists to drive sales before word of mouth reveals how overpriced and full of bugs their product is.

  4. This news actually hurts, that once again a great gaming show with a wonderful team that engages its community so passionately can be axed so suddenly and without dignity. Seven gave it a go but the time slot changes hobbled the numbers. I wonder what the streaming figures were like though. I always watched on SevenPlus.

  5. davodavo6666

    Used to catch Good Game often while flicking through the channels and watch an episode, never stumbled across this show on 7mate or consciously recorded.

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