1. David, Love Island is huge on everything except television! I just saw that it’s numbers on VPN and 9Now are bigger than MAFS and the Love Island YouTube clips are now into the millions of views. I think it’s fair to say that it will be watched by a lot of people – just not on TV!

    • Except that for the cost it needs to work on TV too. It’s not Yummy Mummies budget. But I am looking at an article for context. I don’t report VPM in daily wraps and not about to start.

  2. I agree about Gordon. Last night he was so good the way he mentored and helped those 3 contestants. He had more enthusiasm than shannon has. Even the way he was joking around with the professionals.

    • Mmm,we had a few “moments “re last night’s episode
      1/Two women paired against each other?like always happens in immunity challenges
      2/George stating re the meat rubish dish that the cook was spooked by Gordon as he was mentoring ,they knew it was a pro chef
      3/The young chef continually adding more and more flavour..we all knew that would lose it for him.
      4/That meat dish by the pro..he was taking that challenge as seriously as a in grown toe nail.

      Sad set up episode

  3. Does anyone know why TEN trims Entertainment Tonight to just 14 minutes when it’s a 30 minute show? Today’s episode aired 2.12pm-2.29pm and included a 3 minute commercial break. Odd.

    • It’s been trimmed to fit the available time due to the overrun of Masterchef repeat eps-it’s also notable that the early morning repeat of ET has been dropped due to double eps of an American soap-also worth noting how randomly the 9 equivalent Extra is shown-both networks are full of much repeated stuff but wont show something new!

  4. I didn’t think I would but.. I’m really enjoying Gordon Ramsey on MasterChef, he’s bringing such an infectious energy to the show and it’s giving me the feels. The way he’s been mentoring and helping the contestants is like nothing I’ve ever seen with any of the other guest chefs..
    Really wanted to watch Back in Time for Dinner but totally forgot it was on, will have to watch on catch up. Seems like it did good numbers though so hopefully it’ll be sticking around.

  5. jezza the first original one

    MC and Ramsey have been superbly entertaining this week. Love Island is enjoyable daily trash, Tayla is my favourite character.

  6. I really enjoyed Back In Time. The family they have chosen is really wonderful, very polite and smart kids.
    I had one quibble, regarding the dad eating dinner alone because that’s what dads did back then??? I thought that was a bit of a stretch. My dad and all my friends dads always were home in time for dinner with the whole family.

    • Agree. A few goofs. It wasn’t the done thing at all to have dad eat dinner alone, no matter what time he got home. Also, the beef wrapped by the butcher magically became minced beef when unwrapped in the kitchen. It would have been hand-minced by the mother, or one of the children, using her mincer.

      • Maev....Sydney

        Our butcher minced our…course ..fine …whatever…tripe…only my father ate it…
        And most families I knew all sat down together…usually 6PM….but I did enjoy the show.
        MC…Mr Ramsey has been really supportive and encouraging…good to watch.

  7. Back In Time For Dinner was well done but I take issue with a few things. For example, tripe stew was a common meal because it was inexpensive. Well we were a working class family and as a child in the early fifties we never ever had tripe nor did anybody I ever knew. Irish stew was most common. Father eating alone and mother having dinner earlier with the kids never happened in our family. We always dined together. Apart from those few things the program fairly accurately reflected my memories of life in the early fifties. Looking forward to next weeks episode.

  8. No way was I going to watch Back in Time For Dinner, but I did and it was pretty good. They should have got a TV in 1956 and used public transport instead if riding a bike and the husband would have, at least, dried the dishes. Apart from that ..

    • No one “got a TV in 1956”. Masses would throng to retailers’ shop windows every night to watch TV. Similarly, very few used public transport to get to work. Walking or bike were the form of transport. And….nooooo….no self-respecting husband would be seen drying the dishes. 74 y/o just able to relate to that.

    • I don’t think anyone expected Love Island to rate high in total viewers. It was created with the younger demographics in mind and to drive traffic to 9Now, which it has been doing.

      • James-original

        Of course it was expected to do better. Nine / GO are very disappointed.
        Even the younger demos haven’t been flooding into the series…..

        • That’s not true. It’s been overwhelmingly young skewing.

          It’s just more younger viewers preferred “Avengers” on 7mate on Sunday and Outback Truckers/Highway Patrol on 7mate last night.

  9. “Back In Time For Dinner” was quite entertaining, although I wonder if it was a truly accurate reflection of life in the 1950s, anyway good casting of the family by the production people.
    Not surprised “Love Island” is a ratings flop, this should kill off Sophie Monk’s TV career.

  10. Back in time for dinner was interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. Will be back next week to watch the family live through the 60s.

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