Behind the News turning 50

ABC children’s news series Behind The News is turning 50.

One of Australia’s longest-running programs, it began in 1968, running until 2004 when it was briefly axed before returning in 2005.

Educating school kids on current issues & events, BTN is presented by Amelia Moseley, Jack Evans, Ruby Cornish & Matt Holbrook after the departure of Nathan Bazley after 10 years.

To mark this milestone ABC is having a “kids takeover” with each ABC metropolitan newsroom to host a BTN rookie reporter, featured on the ABC News website, and during 7pm News bulletins.

BTN is also hosting a party at ABC Adelaide, where children, the BTN team and alumni, and other ABC faces will mark this milestone. For online audiences, there will be special features showcasing BTN’s archive, as well as a series of short-form video features to mark the anniversary.

Sunday June 3
9am  ABC ME News To Me.  BTN hosts join News To Me’s Pip, Grace and Lawrence.

Tuesday June 5
10am ABC ME Tuesday June 5 BTN anniversary edition
4:30pm ABC ME Tuesday June 5 Q&A kids edition hosted by BTN’s Amelia Moseley
6pm ABC BTN 50th anniversary documentary
6:30pm ABC Q&A kids edition repeat
7pm ABC ME BTN very first edition


  1. My memory of Behind the News was in 6th grade in 1971. The media had been full of the Springbok rugby tour of Australia and apartheid in South Africa and the huge protests. It was a massive story at the time yet BTN completely ignored it. I remember watching it in class and thinking that this so-called news show was censoring the biggest news story because they though that we as kids wouldn’t understand it and it was too controversial. I remember going home that day, getting the afternoon papers, reading about it and thinking “Now this is the news”. I never took BTN seriously again.

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