CBS All Access to launch by end of year

CBS boss tells investors the SVOD service is on the way in Australia.

CBS Corporation chief executive Leslie Moonves has told investors in New York the company will launch its All Access streaming service in Australia by the end of the year.

CBS is seeking 8 million subscribers globally to its platforms, including Showtime, by 2020.

“By year’s end, we plan to bring All Access to Australia using our acquisition of Network TEN as a gateway to launch in that market,” he said. “After that, we’ll add more and more markets every year, leading to tremendous upside to our overall direct-to-consumer strategy. And importantly, these international subs are incremental to our 2020 target that I just mentioned.”

It’s not yet clear what titles would be immediately available on All Access in Australia Showtime content, owned by CBS, is currently tied up in a long-term deal with Stan (although some may become available after an exclusivity period expires).

Titles commissioned specifically for CBS All Access are also tied up elsewhere including Star Trek: Discovery (Netflix) and The Good Fight (SBS) and unlikely to move.

Upcoming titles Strange Angel, Tell Me a Story and The Twilight Zone however may be available.

Source: Australian Financial Review

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  1. Just what we need, another streaming service here. I just hope that Netflix gets to keep Star Trek Discovery in the long run, I wouldn’t want to sign up for yet another service just for one show.

  2. Seems like the only reason CBS bought TEN was to launch its streaming service here .the content on TEN is atrocious the branding the voice overs all old and stale no money has been spent by cbs to improve TEN Lisa Wilkinson their biggest so called star still has no show of her own and the ratings reflect the crap that’s on that network everyone thinking CBS was TEN saviour seems they were wrong .

  3. Now that UnReal has finished, I’ve cancelled my Stan subscription but still get stacks of use out of Netflix. What I’m missing is a service that offers movies like a video store at a reasonable price. If only Blockbuster had been smart and embraced streaming before they went down the gurgler.

  4. When launched in the USA CBS Access was 6 USD a month for full access to the CBS libraries, perhaps CBS (Ten) in Australia should start promoting now what it will have to offer and how much it will cost, rather than later. I suspect that their CBS content will be limited for Australian audiences much like Netflix Australia, so shows which currently do not get same day as the USA release at the moment may still be delayed for Australian viewing by some months assuming they are not already part of content package deals elsewhere.

  5. I assume that shows that are made by CBS but another network in Australia has the rights won’t be on CBS all access? For example Criminal Minds? Seven have the rights to the show in Australia. How it works in the US is there will be a limited about of episodes available for free. Usually the last few episodes aired on TV. To watch full series you need to pay. No reason why they couldn’t replace Ten Play with CBS all access. Are they rebranding Ten completely as CBS Australia?

  6. And so TEN’s audience is diluted further. A finite number of eyes being offered more and more viewing options. Wife already watches Bold & Beautiful on TENplay because there are no commercials and only takes 40mins.

  7. It would be nice if they could merge Tenplay with CBS access to allow audiences both CBS content and that of network ten. Either that or Tenplay should enhance the Apple TV app to allow audiences to watch live content across ten plus the multis.

  8. All Access streaming service in Australia what has that got to do with the Ten network? Could have launched it as a stand alone service I must be missing something here!

    1. In the US, All Access is $US6 with ads, $US10 without. CBS haven’t announced any details yet. As all they have available at the moment is No Activity, a remake of a Stan show, they aren’t in a position to be charging anything. SBS might sell them The Good Fight back. Netflix will be keeping Star Trek Discovery though.

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