The Good Fight confirms final season

Diane Lockhart & co., to bow out with season six.

US legal drama The Good Fight will wrap with its upcoming sixth season.

Showrunners Robert and Michelle King will bring a 13-year journey, having commenced Christine Baranski’s Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife, to a close.

The husband-and-wife showrunner duo want to end the series on a high note and not outstay their welcome.

“We felt we could end the show with a pretty big bang,” Robert King said. “That’s better than getting to the season where we’re struggling to find plot. We thought the sixth season could get us off the stage pretty grandly.”

“In this day and age, where long runs are more the exception than the norm and where discerning audiences have so much choice for quality content, the success and longevity of these series are a testament to how excellent both shows were,” producer Ridley Scott said. “David Zucker and I, and the entire team at Scott Free Television could not be more grateful for this experience.”

“Robert and Michelle took the bones of their network hit, The Good Wife, which pushed creative boundaries, and transformed it into a signature streaming series. It is a series that taps into the zeitgeist of the nation’s mindset to artistically reveal the absurdity and anxiety of a nation in transition, both culturally and politically,” said CBS Studios president David Stapf.

It screens in Austraia first on SBS.

Source: Variety

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  1. Would have liked to see Alicia, Cary and Kalinda pop up throughout it’s run. Hope they’ve made that happen.

    Happy we get Eli though!

  2. Aaww….I really like this series….I like Christine Baranski’s work and her character in this show…..Having said that, I understand their thinking ….they have access to info and numbers we do not….I also would not like to see such a good body of work…fizzle out.

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