Ratings low for Bachelor finale

Jimmy Nicholson finale drops below Locky Gilbert's 2020 season. Seven wins Thursday.

The Bachelor finale has drawn its lowest figures for a finale over 9 seasons, averaging 578,000 last night, but rising to 629,000 for the final decision when Jimmy chose Holly.

That compares to the previous low in 2020 for Locky Gilbert of 694,000 / 879,000 metro viewers.

Meanwhile Home & Away drew 591,00 / 502,000 from 7pm while 7:30 (544,000) and Foreign Correspondent (404,000) followed.

Later The Front Bar led at 395,000 with The Latest at 335,000.

Thursday Night NRL was 326,000 and Paralympics drew 272,000 / 211,000 / 191,000 in primetime.

Seven network won Thursday with 31.3% then Nine 25.7%, 10 19.6%% ABC 14.8% and SBS 8.6%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.09m / 1.07m for Seven. The Chase averaged 534,000 / 332,000.

Nine News (1.03m / 988,000 was best for Nine. A Current Affair won its slot at 734,000 then Hot Seat 495,000 / 319,000. In select cities were RBT (198,000) and Australian Crime Stories (164,000).

The Project pulled 485,000 / 283,000 for 10. 10 News First was 349,000 / 239,000. SVU managed 219,000 / 156,000.

ABC News drew 726,000 for ABC. Sammy J was 362,000 then Q+A at 258,000, The Drum (187,000) and Fake or Fortune? (177,000) followed.

On SBS it was Great Asian Railway Journeys (209,000), SBS World News (174,000 / 144,000), Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve (140,000) while The Good Fight was just 46,000.

After a close battle this week Sunrise stayed ahead of Today 284,000 / 233,000 respectively.

The Morning Show: 163,000 / 136,000
Today Extra: 129,000 / 125,000
Studio 10: 48,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 2 September 2021


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  1. “Thursday Night NRL was 326,000 ” that is potentially bad news for NRL, they want at least 100million a year out of a FTA tv network. With those lame ratings I doubt that any network would be likely to pay that amount considering those games are not Exclusive. Nine network’s large costs for the sport are mainly due to exclusivity over SoO and the GF. Its really a catch 22 without exclusivity then what’s the point of paying large sums of money. The value is not there. IMO ARL should split up the rights 1 game to 7,9, and 10. ranging from Thursday, to Saturday night or Sunday arvo. Fox keeps the rest as fox exclusives. the finals would probably be shared and the GF exclusively on FTA they can rotate it same with State of Origin. Similar to NFL. NFL offers games exclusively to networks that’s why the rights keep going up and the necessity of sport.

    1. You can’t just divide the $100m by the number of games and split them up like that. For a network to buy the rights they want economies of scale.
      The on/off air talent, logistics and other costs don’t make it viable. You need a good chunk of the schedule to come close to breaking even.

      The split up is NRL trying to scare/negotiate/bluff Nine. But they don’t hold the power. Price will come down and it will stick with Nine. Free-to-Air, Stan, 9 Radio.
      Foxtel will retain a smaller number of games. 7 and 10 aren’t truly interested. That’s my bet 😂

  2. Bachelor like the Bachelorette series needs to be given a rest. My assumption is that is the reason why 10 jumped on First dates Australia. The casting may not have been that great but when people want diversity this is what they get. Network 10 have admitted that its hard to get a diverse cast. My opinion on that is that people (possible contestants, male in particular) know what the show is about and don’t want to go on it. only the desperate go on that show. It has had its run. Replace it with something else or if 10 is determined to make “dating” shows then choose something else, maybe revive Perfect match or Blind date. The earlier comments suggest that people should just watch Love Island instead 😉

    1. Because it has become utterly absurd and unwatchable over the last couple of seasons-a good cast left with nothing credible to do-and notable that the 2 British stars left a while back.

  3. I still love the premise of the show, however the casting was all wrong this season. Jimmy was a tad boring and really he hardly said anything all season! Also, you have girls saying after knowing the guy for 2 hours that they are ‘scared’ and ‘terrified’ that their heart will be broken. I mean, please! Stop presuming the viewers are idiots and then maybe people would have watched.

    1. not surprised they said it or implied it. but that just shows that they are disingenuous about the whole thing and see it as always, a way to get there name out there. Hoping to snare a main stream media gig. so transparent 😉

    1. Not just you, and I hope it’s okay to suggest that the reason why ratings were so low is that Jimmy Nicholson was the least attractive of all the Bachelors (and indeed quite unattractive, IMO).

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