Returning: Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Shaun Micallef is back at the podium with 3 new team captains, coming to Mondays.

The show that TV Tonight once advocated for a revival is back later this month on Nine.

Shaun Micallef returns as Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation quizmaster at 730pm Monday, May 21st.

Ditching the Baby Boomers it picks up with new team captains Robyn Butler (Gen X), Andy Lee (Gen Y) and Laurence Bochall (Gen Z).

Episode One guests are Eddie Perfect, Kate McClennan and Brenna Harding.

Encouragingly, the show is also back in the same studio, with the same producers at the helm.

Host Shaun Micallef has been a mainstay of Australian television for 25 years, starring in Full Frontal, The Micallef Programme, SeaChange, Welcher & Welcher, Micallef Tonight, BlackJack, Newstopia, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Mr & Mrs Murder, Stairway to Heaven, The Ex-PM and the award-winning Mad as Hell.

Leading Gen X, the most senior generation in this current season, is prolific content creator Robyn Butler. Robyn co-created and produced the award-winning comedy The Librarians for ABC TV, in which she also starred. She also co-wrote and produced the lauded comedies Very Small Business, Upper Middle Bogan and Little Lunch, which was a finalist in the International Emmy Kids Awards 2018.

Andy Lee steps up as captain of Gen Y. Andy, together with Hamish Blake, hosted one of the most successful radio programs in the last decade on the HIT Network. A stream of successful seasons of their global Gap Year expedition on the Nine Network secured their status as superstars of the Australian entertainment landscape. In 2017, they debuted their acclaimed TV series, True Story with Hamish and Andy, with the second series coming to Nine in 2018.

Introducing Gen Z to the world is 21-year-old Laurence Boxhall who made his television debut in the teen series The Worst Year of My Life … Again and was seen in Michael Rymer’s critically acclaimed Deadline Gallipoli for Foxtel/Matchbox Pictures. This was followed by series one and two of Ronny Chieng: International Student and the feature Mormon Yankees: The Spirit of the Game.

Monday, May 21, at 7.30pm on Nine.

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  1. Hey Shaun, I believe most viewers are not “septic”s. I cringe with the thought you try to export this show to America. Why can’t you talk Aussies like us and pronounce “Zed”.

    1. Probably Shaun’s humor

      Like how in the first series of an old show of his was called The Micallef Program, people complained so next season it was The Micallef Programme with this explanation:

      There’s been a few changes since last series: we’re spelling “programme” correctly this time – the French way with two m’s and an e. That’s entirely due to your feedback and we thank you for that. Certainly don’t get that level of pedantry from viewers of commercial television.

      To which it became The Micallef Pogram by the the third series and on the DVD The Micallef P(r)ogram(me), so saying Zee rather than Zed is either Shaun being Shaun or a way to drum up some Social Media publicity (#ReTweetThat).

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