Stan exclusives part of new push through Qantas

Qantas passengers who are not yet Stan subscribers will be given 3 months of free streaming.

Qantas customers who are not already Stan subscribers will be given 3 months free subscription as part of a push by the Nine / Fairfax streaming company through the airline.

From 1 June “Stan exclusives” including No Activity, Wolf Creek, The Other Guy, Romper Stomper and One Night Stan will be available on the airline’s inflight entertainment. The three month subscription allows new viewers to continue watching Stan after they finish their domestic, international or regional flight.

“The extension of our partnership with Qantas through an inflight entertainment channel reflects Stan’s strategy of being everywhere that people want to consume content,” Stan CEO, Mike Sneesby said.

“We are pleased to partner with Qantas and give customers access to original content both on the ground and in the air. There is great alignment between Qantas and Stan and we will continue to partner with brands that share our passion and values.”

Customers can access the subscription offer via the Qantas App or by logging into Qantas’ Wi-Fi on one of its domestic Wi-Fi enabled flights.

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