TEN planning new variety for Julia Morris & Chris Brown

Exclusive: TEN's dynamic duo are set to host a local version of Saturday Night Takeaway.

EXCLUSIVE: TEN is planning a new variety show for Julia Morris & Chris Brown.

Industry sources tell TV Tonight TEN will mount a local version of the big budget Saturday Night Takeaway, one of the UK’s top-rating shows hosted by Ant & Dec. The network has recently been hinting at shiny floor shows on the way….

The studio-audience show includes musical numbers, hidden camera pranks and prize giveaways, including a Win the Ads game where audience members win products featured in the commercial breaks.

If successful it could be the answer to viewers’ long-held calls for genuine variety back on TV, in a landscape crowded with Reality shows.

The ITV Studios title was previously-announced by Seven for 2016 as Sunday Night Takeaway but did not proceed, amid chatter it was hoping to secure Hamish & Andy.

But the chemistry between the multi-talented Morris and Brown, first paired together at a Logies event, has opened the door for TEN. The network is yet to confirm if the expensive I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will return.

Saturday Night Takeaway has already seen international versions in Portugal, Finland, China, Germany, France and the US with Neil Patrick Harris.

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  1. OMG not this pair of no hopers again. 10 need to get more than half a dozen celebrities on their books. We are tired of Brown, Morris, Keller, Denyer, Bailey etc. being on every possible show. Please more variety.

  2. Sounds like a good idea. About time there was a late night variety show in Australia. And I love Chris and Julia as hosts. I really hope TEN brings back I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

  3. Good news. Hopefully this means IACGMOOH is banished and they put this on only for the 1 night a week at a time when everyone is asleep.
    Cannot stand these two. Julia tries too hard to be funny and Chris is like a deer in headlights. He should stick to being a Vet.

  4. Still think 10 are mad not to hit up Daryl and get Hey Hey on for Saturday, solves a lot of issues and surely even if it rated 400k+ it’s almost double what they do now

  5. Ant & Dec
    Saturday night takeaway
    I’m a celeb
    Britain’s got talent

    Chris & Julia
    I’m a celeb
    Saturday night takeaway…….maybe
    Australia’s got talent….. Julia can have another go st it on Ten with Chris !

    They are a great double act

  6. Because you can never get to much of a good thing…. will be better than the excuse they call “I’m a celebrity(?) Get me out of here…. although wasn’t channel 7 working on this?

      1. It’s a shame if it’s not Saturday night as there’s never anything decent to watch on Friday & Saturday. It would also have a better chance by not directly competing with 2 other reality shows on 7 and 9, which I’m sure will happen.

  7. This sounds like a genuinely good idea. I hope it makes it to air and succeeds. Do you know David if Ten are intending to put a big budget show on Saturday night or would they call it something else like just ‘Takeaway’ and air it on another night?

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