Vale: Peter McCutcheon

Musician Peter McCutcheon, who was part of the Hey Hey it’s Saturday band, has died.

He passed away on Friday following a battle with cancer.

Daryl Somers posted a tribute on Facebook:

Peter McCutcheon was not only an extraordinarily gifted musician, but the resident pianist on the show for many, many years because he was in tune with the comedic flavour of the program.

In the early ’80s he was part of our first in-house band: a trio consisting of Wilbur on sax, ‘Animal’ on drums and Peter on piano. This pre-dated our big band era, in which he also played a major part.

If it was a themed dress up show Pete would don an outrageous outfit that would have us all guessing his cryptic identity.

Many a time on the show I would burst into song on the spur of the moment and Pete would be there almost instantly accompanying me.

He didn’t fumble around for the key as he had perfect pitch and seemingly knew every song ever written. I could never stump him; he was brilliant.

On occasion he would take centre stage to back a Red Faces contestant and more often than not would be funnier than the act.

Somers extended sympathies to wife Lyn and family.

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