Airdate: Josh

UK comedy Josh, created by and starring Josh Widdicombe, begins tomorrow on ABC Comedy.

The sitcom about three young adults who share a flat in North London is 4 years old, but has had 3 seasons totalling 18 episodes.

It also features Beattie Edmondson, daughter of Jennifer Saunders & Adrian Edmondson. Saunders makes appearances as her on-screen mother too.

“Swimming and Kissing”
Josh gets invited to the event of the summer. The only trouble is that it’s a pool party and he can’t swim. But can Geoff teach him in time? After a date with Owen’s friend, Kate receives advice on her kissing technique.

9pm Wednesday on ABC Comedy.


  1. Hold on – yes, the pilot went out in 2014, but “Swimming and Kissing” was broadcast in Nov 2015 and the last episode of the 3rd series was broadcast in Nov 2017. So not quite as old as you make out!

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