Andrew Rochford, Mark Humphries to co-host Pointless

TEN confirms hosts of its new game show, filming this week in Sydney.

TEN has formally confirmed its Pointless game show to be co-hosted by Dr Andrew Rochford & Mark Humphries.

A “reverse Family Feud,” the game show sees three teams of two contestants each searching for the most obscure answers to a variety of topics, and score as few points as possible.

Dr Andrew Rochford said; “I’m very lucky to be forming a team with a talent like Mark and genuinely excited to be back at TEN but I’m even more excited about the fact my dressing room has a couch and Mark’s doesn’t.”

Mark Humphries said, “Who said twitter is a waste of time! After an extensive social media campaign (two tweets) TEN had no choice but to give me the dream role as host of Pointless.”

Humphries this week exited his role at The Feed on SBS VICELAND.

TEN Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are delighted to commission such a successful and entertaining game show as Pointless. This is fantastic entertainment for the whole family, as contestants try and find the most pointless answers.

“And we are absolutely thrilled to have Andrew and Mark co-host the show. They are smart, funny, and engaging and will make a brilliant duo.”

Produced by Endemol Shine, the Pointless format has been adapted internationally in 11 other territories including Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland.

TEN Executive Producer, Rick Maier, said: “Pointless is funny, challenging, defies all traditional quiz logic and completely gets you in. Even if you don’t know the answer, it’s impossible not to play along.”

Endemol Shine Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy, said: “Pointless is a rare piece of TV inspiration. Universally loved and an international smash hit for over 10 years, it’s brilliantly inventive, highly entertaining, humorous and stupidly addictive.”

Filming is due to begin in Sydney this week. An airdate is yet to be confirmed.

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  1. A female presenter such as Lily Serna in the ‘brain’ seat would have been excellent. Please not Chris Bath or any other media/news reader/weather person talking head for that matter – its a quiz show not a breakfast TV/current affairs show. The ‘chemistry’ between the presenters is important – Alexander and Richard (both Cambridge grads) work well together, and let’s hope the Australian pairing does the same. Despite TEN’s abysmal history of screw-ups, disrespect for its viewing public, and way too many ads, just give it a chance before rushing to judgement.

  2. I reckon Mark is a decent and unpredicted choice whereas Andrew is nice but a misfit for this. It really wouldn’t have hurt to have had a female host or co-host though. That all said, I think Mark will be a lot better than the English version’s totally boring main guy.

  3. I thought they’d get more of an obvious prodigy to be Richard. Like SBS managed with Lily Serna. And it is kind of weird in this day and age that you don’t get a male/female combo. Pleased about Mark, though.

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