Jennifer Keyte to start at TEN next week

If Jennifer Keyte is reading her first TEN Eyewitness News bulletin next Monday in Melbourne, post-Seven career, nobody is ready to confirm it just yet.

But she is appearing on The Project on Friday which is a pretty strong indicator, given a previous report also noted a late June start. Keyte is a surprise coup for the network, catching Seven off-guard.

That suggests Steve Quartermain has his final bulletin as anchor this Friday, although “Quarters” is still listed in TEN’s EPG for next week (so is Brad McEwan who left the network in April).

Quartermain, who has also been in discussion with the network for further roles, is yet to address his future, but has been praised for the stylish way he handled the bad news.

TEN did not respond to enquiries.

Update: TEN confirms June 25 date.

Jennifer will present the bulletin alongside sports reporter Caty Price and weather presenter Mike Larkan, bringing Victorians the best of international, national and local news coverage.

Ms Keyte said: “It feels great to be part of the TEN Eyewitness News team again. To be working with such an experienced news team, including many old friends. I can’t wait to start.”


  1. Apart from my wife watching The Bold we have no viewing on Ch10. Except that does sometimes lead in to the news which we consider quite well done. Not quite sure why but I am pleased to see Jennifer land the big weekday role, she looks great and is a competent newsreader.

    • yep only just a saw a promo for it tonight (fri), nice promo too focusing on how she was born & raised in Melbourne, says a definite ‘starts Monday’ on screen at the end of it. It will be interesting to see how she rates, i might end up watching it since i’m a fan but am so used to watching at 6pm. Also its winter, in summer i would be out & about at 5pm.

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