Killing Eve & Counterpart: update

Good news for drama aficionados limited by their monthly downloads.

Good news for drama aficionados who may be limited by their monthly downloads.

Both Killing Eve and Counterpart will have TV broadcasts in coming months.

Killing Eve will air on ABC from 8:30pm Friday July 27. The entire series, with Sandra Oh & Jodie Comer, is currently available on iview.

SBS drama series Counterpart, with J.K. Simmons will also air on SBS from August. It is currently screening at SBS On Demand.

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      1. I watch TV, not my computer, phone or Dick Tracy wrist watch-given that we (the public) have paid in whole or part for these programs, their broadcast is the very least we should expect-it’s not a damned favour…

  1. I’m not sure why these shows would not get broadcast on FTA they both get high marks in reviews overseas, it’s the changing attitude regarding whats commercially profitable to broadcast by the FTA TV executives and not the shows themselves that is creating most of the issues regarding release dates for drama fans in recent times.

    1. You can’t skip the targeted ads on On Demand. Air a tease then get people to stream Counterpart while they are broadcasting the World Cup, S1 of Handmaid’s is doing better there though. At least it will air, Hard Sun hasn’t yet. The ABC is waiting until Endeavour finishes to start Killing Eve, meanwhile the cool people have watched it. Mystery Road is doing more business on iView.

          1. For no explicable reason, the pilot ep was repeated yet again on 72 or 73 (can’t recall which) very late night a couple of weeks ago-has been shown 5 or 6 times now!

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