Returning: Killjoys

Season 4 of Canadian space drama returns to Syfy in a month's time.

Season 4 of Canadian space drama Killjoys returns to Syfy in a month’s time.

This will air just 3 days after North America.

From the producers of “Orphan Black” and the creator of “Lost Girl,” Killjoys follows a fun-loving, hard-living trio of interplanetary bounty hunters sworn to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants throughout the Quad, a distant system on the brink of a bloody, multi-planetary class war. This season, Aneela and Dutch wake up in The Green Space, the space between memories. They then team up with Khlyen, to hunt down the Lady.

7:30pm Tuesday July 24 on Syfy.

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  1. 4th and final season.

    Damned annoyed though that Dark Matter was cancelled on a ‘cliff hanger’ which we liked much better than Killjoys but at least the producers had prior notification that S4 will be the final season.

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