Rumour: SeaChange reboot?

Two networks are said to be interested in bringing back an iconic Australian drama.

TV Tonight hears whispers that much-loved Aussie drama SeaChange is under consideration for a reboot.

Two networks are rumoured to have made offers to ITV Studios Australia to bring the show back in a new form. The show created by Andrew Knight and Deb Cox ran for 3 seasons on ABC from 1998 under Artist Services. Granada Media inherited the rights in a buyout before a rebranding as ITV Studios Australia.

The quirky, feelgood series was a runaway hit for ABC with a knockout cast including Sigrid Thornton, David Wenham, William McInnes, John Howard, Tom Long, and Kerry Armstrong and a host of supporting and guest stars including Mark Mitchell, Shaun Micallef, Kate Atkinson and Kevin Harrington. Its sensational Sunday night ratings created headaches for commercial networks.

Capturing lightning in a bottle a second time will not come easily, but Wentworth has proven reinvention can work with Australian audiences, even with iconic source material.

Coincidentally this week ABC Chairman Justin Milne, in referring to ABC funding cuts said, “This would likely spell the end for popular programming such as Four Corners, Australian Story, Gruen or Sea Change because, the argument goes, these programs could be produced by commercial media and taxpayers would save millions.”

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  1. Now I’m thinking reboots of Blue Heelers, All Saints or Always Greener could make a comeback. I guess it’s more nostalgia than realistic possibility talking but in this era of television who knows!

  2. And I also consider Sigrid Thornton a name to consider in an ongoing discussion about inductees into the TV Week Hall of Fame. From her Logie winning turn in the mid 70’s on Homicide, to Prisoner, to All the Rivers Run, to Seachange, the Peter Allen bio mini series, and now Wentworth, Sigrid has been an enduring and significant acting presence.

  3. One of my treasured professional memories was visiting the ABC studios at Elsternwick to film an interview with Sigrid Thornton for a talk show I was working on, and we filmed it in the part of the ABC canteen that they periodically turned into part of the Seachange set for the restaurant where Jill Forster’s character worked. I’d been to the studios before, but it was surreal sitting in that environment that doubled for an iconic series set! And Sigrid was so delightful. I will never forget her warmth and professionalism and just how diminutive she is! But so larger than life in energy.

  4. This is not such a bad idea as a new generation may appreciate an updated version of Sea Change, also it’s an opportunity for introducing some new actors into the international limelight.

    1. Which is Northern Exposure with a single parent. Why reboot it? Sea Change exists on DVD, 800 Words exists. Even if you wanted to make a fish-out-of-water romantic comedy wouldn’t you want to do something different?

  5. Arguably the best ever Australian drama series. Brilliantly scripted, excellent casting and extremely well produced. Have watched all 3 series of Sea Change at least ten times and will probably watch again over next summer.
    Not sure about a remake. Don’t think it could ever be as good as the original.

          1. I’ve just seen too many bad reboots. If they can come up with a new concept that gives a nod to the past, then that’s great. But I hate it when they ruin the good memories of a past show or movie, with a terrible reboot.

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