Sunrise beating Today’s week in Melbourne

The Today show’s week in Melbourne has trailed Sunrise in that city on all but one day.

Yesterday Sunrise pulled 277,000 in the 5 city metro with Today at 230,000. In Melbourne Today‘s 51,000 was beaten by Sunrise‘s 73,000. It only had the edge on Monday by 5,000 viewers, while Seven has won nationally every day. Nine will doubtless be hoping the week will send a message that resonates in the long, rather than short, term….

Meanwhile primetime was another night of sporting split-schedules but MasterChef had the edge with 786,000 viewers and topped the demos.

By around 8:40pm combined Seven titles pushed the network in front, where it remained for most of the night.

ABC’s new art series Everyone’s a Critic had a low debut at 249,000 and may have been better suited to Tuesdays.

Seven News, ACA and The Chase won their slots once more.

Seven network easily won the night with 33.4% then Nine 25.2%, TEN 19.4%, ABC 13.5% and SBS 8.5%.

Seven News was #1 for Seven with 1.01m / 900,000 then The Chase (621,000 / 411,000), Seven’s AFL (576,000), Home and Away (441,000 in 3 cities), Funniest Dogs Behaving Badly was 281,000 in 3 cities, Surveillance Oz was 187,000 in 3 cities, and Movie: The Heat was 151,000 in 3 cities.

Nine News (891,000 / 877,000), A Current Affair (716,000), Hot Seat (535,000 / 321,000) and Thursday Night NRL (354,000 in 2 cities). Britain’s Got Talent was 178,000 in 3 cities, RBT was 173,000 in 3 cities. NRL Footy Show was 77,000 in 2 cities.

MasterChef Australia (786,000) won for TEN then The Project (493,000 / 323,000), Todd Sampson’s Body Hack 2.0 (439,000), TEN Eyewitness News (426,000). Blue Bloods was 186,000 / 137,000.

ABC News (604,000), Grand Designs Australia (464,000), 7:30 (382,000), Sammy J (284,000), Everyone’s a Critic (249,000), Think Tank (206,000) and Victoria (132,000).

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (260,000), The Handmaid’s Tale (191,000 / 172,000), SBS World News (144,000), FIFA World Cup Sen v Col (143,000) and Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen (142,000).

7TWO’s Father Brown topped multichannels at 218,000. Love Island was 156,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 28 June 2018.


  1. I don’t watch Today but would have thought when you say you are coming to another city you just wouldn’t sit in a studio. I just presumed they would be at different locations.

  2. Todays Melbourne loss is just another sign that the show is a sinking ship. Even the animosity between Karl and Georgie is wearing thin, not to mention the lack of chemistry and overall disdain the ‘family’ has for one another. Poor Sylvia don’t even realize the show is crumbling around her!

  3. Looks like 7 are on their way to winning a State of Origin-included ratings week, which is fairly rare. They got within 2% a month or so back, but are tracking better this time around.

    • Isn’t it a shame. I get it’s winter and Karl probably demands his daily latte and croissant, but you’d be amazed what a marquee and heaters plus warm clothing can achieve!

      Very interesting article David, glad I wasn’t the only one who’d picked up on it the other day.

  4. The only thing I liked about Everyone’s a Critic was seeing the art myself, not what the other people thought of it. I was surprised that so many of the “critics” had no idea of Australia’s history of slavery in the Qld cane fields, something I’ve known about from a very young age.

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