Talent takes to All Together Now’s 100 judges

Seasoned professionals and eclectic artists are amongst an impressive 100 judges on Seven's upcoming talent series.

Seven has announced an impressive list of performers who will help comprise “The 100” judges in upcoming talent series All Together Now.

Led by Ronan Keating, they include seasoned professionals and eclectic artists from music theatre, pop, cabaret and more, who will stand on a six-level set:

Alex Reid – Music Talent Manager
Amanda Harrison – Musical Theatre Star
Andrew De Silva – Boyband Star
Brendan De La Hay – Cabaret Performer
Dean Ray – Rock Singer
Ellen Reed – Powerhouse Vocalist
Gospo Collective’s Ben Gillard & Charmaine Jones – Gospel Choir Directors
Greg Gould – Viral Popstar
Jason Jackson – Michael Jackson Impersonator
Jess & Matt – Popstar Couple
Jordan Raskopoulos – Musical Comedian
Kellie Crawford – Award Winning Entertainer
Lara Mulcahy – Comedy Actress & Singer
Lucy Holmes – Kylie Impersonator
Maria Mercedes – Singer/Actress
Mark Gable – The Choirboys Frontman
Michael Dalton – Cabaret Performer
Minnie Cooper – Iconic Drag Queen
Missy Lancaster – Country Pop Star
Rhonda Burchmore – OAM & Music Industry Icon
Shauna Jensen – Legendary Backing Vocalist
Silvie Paladino – Musical Theatre Icon
Sisters Doll – Glam Rock Trio
Take Two – Rapping Twins

“As any great Captain would, I’ll be there to support, encourage, motivate, advise, laugh and cry along as The 100 see if they have what it takes to come out on top,” said Keating.

The act that can get as many of them to sing along scores highest, with the ultimate winner taking home $100,000.

Based on a UK format, the show hosted by Julia Zemiro is produced by Endemol Shine Australia and due on Seven soon.

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  1. The final was an absolute sham. The audience was as disgusted as we were here at home. How 100 alleged talented performers ( sic) could not choose the lady is beyond belief and doesnt pass the pub test.

      1. So it should read star of a musical rather then Musical Theatre Star. I note she was also an understudy in We Will Rock You. WooHoo. I had already googled her just think she is oversold as Seven are used to doing with these celebrity shows.

  2. Tbh I think most of those artists in the 100 have more industry clout and recognition than Ronan Keating and his rollercoaster song.
    I still think this show is likely to not fly as well as 7 are hoping.

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