US late night hosts break down the Trump / Kim summit

Yesterday’s historic meeting between Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un provided plenty of fodder for late-night TV hosts.


  1. From what I gather,basically Kim has promised to get rid of his nuclear weapons eventually so nothing really has been achieved other than trump and kim comparing hairstyles. Hehehe

  2. oceanographer

    Agreed, would be nice if the mainstream media treated this event a lot more seriously as this was a landmark moment and opportunity to bring more stability and peace to the Korean region and its people. Not all problems are to be fixed in one meeting like the liberal media were expecting, it will take many.

    • I suppose because the mainstream media (and serious commentators) don’t necessarily agree that this is a landmark moment. Many are highly suspicious of these two forming an unholy alliance.

      And the reason for this article is that this is a TV blog, so the report is about what happened on TV. No need to use this blog to analyse the meeting – plenty out there on the news.

      • “Many are highly suspicious of these two forming an unholy alliance”

        Ummmm….no, I have heard no serious commentator say that…… maybe the readers of the Guardian Australia, but no-one serious

  3. Any word on what serious commentators said about the meeting, rather than left wing comedians whose default response to Trump varies from blind hatred to even more blind hatred said about it….. not a Trump fan, but a little over the default position of Trump bad, everyone else good

      • Agreed, not looking for the Fox News version of Trumpism, just something to tell me what happened/what was achieved (or not)! The sad part is the late night comedians are considered to be more credible news sources for many Americans than the traditional news services

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