Airdate: Drain the Oceans

Nat Geo series set to expose sunken cities, shipwrecks & the natural wonders of the deep.

Upcoming National Geographic series Drain the Oceans is set to expose sunken cities, shipwrecks and the natural wonders of the deep.

The bold 10 part series uses technology, photography and top marine archaeologists, as it reveals secrets concealed by billions of water.

From the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, to the age-old hunt for the lost city of Atlantis, to the threats against the underwater cables that connect us all on the internet, the world’s oceans are full of secrets that have long lain buried beneath the waves. National Geographic’s new ten-part factual series, Drain The Oceans, reveals the full scope of the shipwrecks, treasure, sunken cities, geology and technology at play on the floor of lakes, seas and oceans around the world, solving underwater riddles that have mystified generations.

Premiering on Foxtel, Fetch and the National Geographic App Tuesdays at 8.30pm AEST from August 7, Drain The Oceans reveals ghostly shapes beneath the waves in all their stunning glory, as the water is removed from the picture to tell stories that explain natural wonders and man-made catastrophes. Combining the latest scientific data from underwater scanning systems with state of the art digital recreations, the series cris-crosses the globe, visiting the China Seas, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, the Nile, the Pacific Rim, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea in its quest for answers.

Bringing new light to maritime mysteries, old and new, Drain The Oceans puts the viewer in the middle of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire to explore the breeding ground of the world’s most devastating natural disasters; it explores stories of war, piracy and slavery in the Gulf of Mexico; the rise and fall of the world’s greatest ancient civilisations around the Mediterranean; how an underwater earthquake in 2006 affected global data in “the cloud”; why one of the biggest treasure hauls off Florida was found spread across the seabed for miles; and examines the remains of the world’s biggest battleship, now resting on the bed of the China Seas, the most fiercely contested waters on the planet.

Spanning ancient and modern times, the series investigates mysteries from the disappearance of the dinosaurs right up to the still-unsolved search for MH370, shedding new light on moments in history and current events that the depth and poor visibility of the world’s oceans have rendered inaccessible. Once covered by billions of gallons of water, hard evidence is exposed to the light of day once again for all to see.

Tuesdays at 8.30pm AEST from August 7

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