Airdate: Extinction

New sci-fi movie Extinction launches on Netflix later this month.

The film stars Michael Pena, Lizzy Caplan, Mike Colter & Israel Broussard and is directed by Aussie Ben Young.

A working class father of the future faces recurring dreams of destruction by an unknown force. When his unwanted nightmares begin to affect his relationship with his family, he soon realises they may be the key to a horrible reality, as a relentless alien attack begins to destroy the Earth. As the invaders’ assault progresses, he is forced to find both the strength to protect his family and an understanding of who he truly is.

July 27 on Netflix


  1. I think it’s worth coming back to this show now that it’s currently streaming, the original attraction for it’s ‘Alien invasion’ subject will entice ScFi enthusiasts like myself but Netflix has ruined the party with this one, once again the inconsistencies of Netflix’s movies is there for everyone to see, I’m sure Clint Eastward would have been proud of the minimalistic darkness that blanked out the TV screen for more than half of the movie making it virtually impossible to see what the actors are doing, the only hint of activity is when a guns flashes, the story was comic book stuff too, the endings special effects were unbelievably poor.

  2. There’s another quality dystopian show on Netflix called ‘How it ends’ which is worth a look for all those who like this genre, I’m not sure why there are currently so many of this type of show being made, perhaps it says something about the underlying negative socio-political messaging coming from America and Europe.

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