Doctor Doctor cast spoiler ahead

Warning: "They've given away the big thing in the promo!" said a surprised Rodger Corser.

Warning: Major Spoiler.

A key character in Doctor Doctor‘s Knight family is about to be bumped off.

Earlier this week Nine screened a promo to media at its post-Logies recovery in which Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser), Meryl (Tina Bursill), Matt (Ryan Johnson) and family attended a funeral which appeared to be that of patriarch Jim (Steve Bisley)

Star Rodger Corser said, “They’ve given away the big thing in the promo. We lose someone obviously!

“Hugh was ready to go back to the city and rejoin his city life but a tragedy happens in the family. So he’s forced to come back to Whyhope when he doesn’t want to do it.

“It’s a really great plot point and it does send waves through all the family.”

In May a production press release indicated Bisley was returning for the third season.

The series is currently filming Season 3 and is expected on Nine soon.

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  1. Channel 9 taking their time posting the promo on social media and online. Don’t know whether that means the premiere will be later than it was last year or they are recutting the promo for less spoilers.

  2. Not as bad as some movie promos that give everything away because we knew the old boy was crook. The thing that got me was the heavily dramatic music – this is light drama at best.

  3. I happened to catch the promo for Doctor Doctor last night and thought it odd a major plot would be revealed. Perhaps there is a twist but in general I personally don’t like how TV Series and Movies are promoted today. In the case of movies most of the plot is released in the trailer. Would explain why I so rarely visit the cinema today.

    Channel 9 could easily promote the return of Doctor Doctor without showing anything of the new season.

  4. I thought it was ridiculous but maybe a twist? Maybe Ken is dead or a minor character. Surprised they gave it away though, the show needs more viewers curious about what happens next. Not less viewers because story resolutions have been revealed in promos.

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