Hayden Quinn not returning to Family Food Fight

Former Masterchef contestant and Surfing the Menu host Hayden Quinn is not returning for the second season of Family Food Fight.

A Nine spokesperson said, “We’re making a number of changes to Family Food Fight for series two that we think the audience will love. Matt Moran, Anna Polyviou and Tom Parker Bowles will all return. Hayden was offered a role on the show for 2018, but unfortunately he wasn’t available during our shooting period.”

Last year Quinn told TV Tonight he was snowed under with personal commitments.

“I own a gym with 2 mates and have a partnership with a wine label that we sell on Jetstar and Dan Murphys. And a couple of other little businesses,” he said, adding, “…. I really enjoy what I do at the moment with the gym, the wine, writing for Delicious magazine, and lots of stuff in the world of social media, food, travel, lifestyle.”

The Nine series is due to begin filming in Melbourne soon.

In something of a rarity, Aussie format rights have also been sold to the US ABC network.


  1. thedirtydigger

    If anyone really believes anyone would turn down a prime time TV show ( even a stinker like FFF ) to continue writing for Delicious magazine would be two eggs short of an omelette …
    “Unfortunately he wasn’t available during our shooting period” – really guys, everyone knows TV talent would chew the leg off a rotting piece of roadkill to get in front of the cameras.
    How about they just tell the truth for once ?
    Hayden was dumped. Get over it.

  2. Nine would be hoping to capitalise on the impressive demographics MasterChef (has been absolutely dominating) and MKR pull in.

    Nine have seemed keen on wanting a cooking reality like their rivals, only Hot Plate turned into a legal pear-shape.

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