Ex-Family Food Fight contestant arrested

Victoria Police crack down on planned anti-protests in the state.

2017 Family Food Fight contestant Fanos Panayides has been arrested as police crack down on planned anti-protests in Victoria.

The Age reports he was one of two men arrested earlier this week and since charged with incitement for allegedly encouraging others to take part in a prohibited anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne’s CBD this weekend.

He was previously arrested at a lockdown protest in Melbourne in May and was interviewed on 60 Minutes in June.

Former Nine personality Sam Newman also took to Twitter to reveal police had also visited him to advise “against protesting”.

Victoria Police told to 7 News they were “actively investigating those responsible and encouraging protest activity on Saturday.”

“Victoria Police expects to make further arrests over coming days in respect to individuals suspected of inciting illegal activity,” they said in a statement.

“Organising and participating in this protest would be a serious and blatant breach of the Chief Health Officer’s directions and jeopardises the health of the entire community.”

Police could potentially arrest Newman for incitement.

Incitement is an offence whereby a person in Victoria, or elsewhere, incites people to pursue a course of conduct which will involve the commission of an offence.