Travel Guides & Dream Home battle, MasterChef in the crossfire.

Strong crowds for Nine travellers and new Seven reno show. Farmer reunion wraps a winning season.

Travel Guides topped entertainment last night managing to eclipse the debut of Dream Home on Seven -but both pulled hefty crowds.

Travel Guides drew 1.1m in National TV Audience for Nine, just ahead of Dream Home‘s 950,000 premiere.

Seven will be happy with that result, although social media was questioning how it differed from the old House Rules format. That will mean night 2 numbers are crucial.

Meanwhile at 7:30pm MasterChef Australia managed 614,000, on par with last week, then Call the Midwife at 511,000.

Later Farmer Wants a Wife‘s Reunion episode was very strong at 1.05m viewers -the second highest entertainment show for the night- well ahead of 60 Minutes (624,000),  and After the Party (232,000) and Tulsa King (223,000).

Seven News topped the night at 1.36m viewers with The Latest on 359,000.

Nine News was narrowly behind its rival at 1.32m with a late edition at  328,000.

ABC News pulled 826,000 followed by Antiques Roadshow (296,000) and Compass (285,000).

The Sunday Project managed 326,000 then 10 News First (292,000 / 232,000). FBI was 143,000

SBS World News was 216,000 / 135,000 then Pompeii: The Secrets of Civita Giuliana (81,000) and  Came from Nowhere (73,000).

National TV Audience: Sunday 26 May 2024

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  1. Everyone in my home and possibly many others tuned into Dream Home for the last fifteen minutes waiting for the Farmer reunion to start, that would have boosted Dream Home considerably.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this season of Farmer Wants a Wife and was really annoyed to see 7 bump the reunion show until after Dream Home, so I wasn’t going to reward 7 for doing and gave Dream Home a miss. I watched Travel Guides instead and really enjoyed it.

    1. But if they flipped them around as you suggest, it would’ve meant possibly bad news for Dream Home debut. The strategy worked a treat, Farmer held (huge for that timeslot as Knoxy pointed out) and gave DH a good start, perhaps helped by sandwiched between news and Farmer, a la Better Homes on Fridays between news and AFL, a strategy in Melbourne that’s also worked for a decade.

      1. I wasn’t suggesting they flip them around, instead either have the farmer reunion at 7pm and hold off Dream Home until tonight, or vice versa. I agree that 7 were tactical and as I said I won’t reward them for being so, where others of course will.

  3. Dream Home has rather patchy editing and not the best narrative but it is watchable.

    The addition of a video from the homeowners stipulating their House Rules, and then the complete demo of their houses was disappointing. Even The Block doesn’t do complee knock-downs.

    I only made it through an hour then switched over to Travel Guides, which I give 5 Logies out of 5.

    1. I don’t know how you want to give Travel Guides 5 out of 5 logies ….. if you acted like these people do where they go they would be banned half the time they don’t even show any respect to the destinations they visit.

      1. Totally agree…I tape the show so I can ff most of the nonsense now because it used to be enjoyable …but…you don’t go to an Indian wedding and say they are behaving like pork chops like the Gen Z newbies did…same with the three Gen Z mates with their jibs and putting each other down… as for the loud ott family they are seasoned travellers and should be more respectful to other cultures….the only ones who show respect are the husband and wife and the male couples..like a lot of shows some people start to grate on you and some become over exposed which imo these people are.

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