Nine News drives Nine to Sunday win

Nine News, Travel Guides, 60 Mins and a doco see Nine take victory over Seven.

Nine News nabbed a rare last night with the network taking victory over Seven -just- on Sunday.

Nine News was #1 at 1.35m just pipping Seven News at 1.33m in National TV Audience, a much-needed win given recent headlines. Its last was in April on the day of Bondi Junction attacks.

A Travel Guides episode in Florida, in which the cast visited the World Erotic Art Museum, also topped (!) entertainment on Sunday with 1.18m.

That was ahead of Dream Home on 808,000 then from 7:30pm MasterChef Australia (610,000) and Call the Midwife (521,000).

Later 60 Minutes won with 780,000 then 7News Spotlight (487,000), After the Party (258,000) and Tulsa King (214,000).

Elsewhere on Nine The Missing Millionairess was 508,000 with Footy Furnace at 104,000 where it screened.

The Latest on Seven was 315,000.

ABC News averaged 854,000 then Compass (319,000), Antiques Roadshow (303,000) and The Luminaries (101,000).

The Sunday Project managed 309,000 then 10 News First (306,000 / 224,000) and FBI (153,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (237,000 / 161,000), Bronze Age Apocalypse (215,000) and Royal Autopsy (160,000).

National Total TV: Sunday 2 June 2024

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  1. The seven streak had to end at some point (and almost certainly would have ended with SOO this week). By my count, 54 straight nights.

  2. Seems to be alot more product placement in Travel Guides now. I don’t remember them highlighting the airline they used, the hotel they stayed at and the card they used to pay for before… just the activities/experiences.

    1. I noticed this too, but I get it. Delta Airlines would’ve paid nine for whatever reason to promote their brand and obviously need a return on their investment. Same with the Hotels, cruise line etc etc. I’m also sure it’s been happening since season 1.

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