Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: July 11

Final subject in this season of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is the very outspoken Germaine Greer.

Maybe Julia can help make sense of the whole damn thing…

Germaine Greer’s first home was in Melbourne’s Sandringham, a place she doesn’t remember fondly, and was desperate to escape. A brash young outspoken feminist, she arrived in the UK in 1964, and has since made it her home. Now she happily shows Julia through her haunts in a place she has lived for many years, Cambridge.

The two meet outside one of Germaine’s favourite places – the Cambridge Library – a place she treats as her second home. As they settle inside, the conversation turns to Australia, her parents, and how she developed an early love of words and language. She confesses to feeling suffocated in the Melbourne of the 50s, but says she still feels homesick for the country of her birth.

In the library ‘stacks room’, Germaine reflects on her ground-breaking book, The Female Eunuch, and the impact it had on the feminist movement of the time. She doesn’t necessarily think the iconic tome changed lives, but it pleases her to think it might have sewn the seeds for change for those readers who was ripe for it.

8pm Wednesday on ABC.

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