Logie Awards 2018: Random acts of Carpetness

TV Tonight braves the mayhem of the red carpet as stars jostle for their 3 minutes of fame.

Once again TV Tonight braved the mayhem of the Logie Awards red carpet to bring you, dear reader, a collection of thoughts and musings from all things celebrit-i.

In between a bevy of frocks, foundation, lippy and endless selfies (and that’s just the entertainment reporters), I again chatted all things TV without ever asking “Who are you wearing?” or “Who do you think will win?”

A shame my photography skills were not so successful, but you literally have seconds to snap a shot before the next star has you in their crosshairs ready for their 3 minutes of fame.

In no particular order here are their responses.

LACHY HULME on whether Romper Stomper will return: “I don’t know know but I think (if there is) it would be predicated on an actual world event,” and saying of Stan “I can’t tell you how liberating it is to be working with guys who give you complete creative control, with no commercial considerations. It’s like working in live theatre. It’s amazing.”

AMANDA KELLER on being the Gold fave of TV Tonight readers: “I appreciate that, so thank you to your readers.

“It’s been a strange ride. I know in past years the nominations are announced and that’s the end of the voting. This year we’ve had to spend this week ‘electioneering,’ which is a bit unusual. I’ll be relieved to go in, sit down, voting stops and it just happens.”

Australian Ninja Warrior

SHELLEY CRAFT on fake ads using her name: “Apparently Christie Brinkley and I have this fabulous facial care, make-up product together? Nine weren’t ‘all that happy’ with it so apparently I was ‘let go.’ But no, it’s fake news! I saw the exact same ad about a month earlier with Meghan Markle and the Queen was ‘not happy!'”

SCOTT CAM on The Block: “The (St. Kilda) locals have been very pleased with the change. Fitzroy St is their main boulevarde and it’s a beautiful street but it’s been let down by a few things. The Gatwick is certainly one of them.”

FIONA O’LOUGHLIN on whether reality TV works for your career after the finale rush is over: “(I’m A Celebrity) for a comedian gave me a broader canvas.

“You get to show the light and shade. I’m not a comedian who is always ‘on’ and I had no intention of playing it that way. My kids were really thrilled because they always get asked ‘What’s your mum really like?'”

SHANNON NOLL: “You can reintroduce yourself to the public. Doing what I do with touring, ticket sales and that sort of thing, it can rejuvenate your fanbase. So it can pay off long term.

“I just need a cooking show now and I’ve done the lot of them!’

MIRANDA TAPSELL on whether diversity on screen has improved since her Logies speech: “I’m always of the belief of not resting on your laurels. So I think there is always room for improvement. But it’s nice to see it is something that has been brought into peoples’ consciousness.”

TODD SAMPSON on Body Hack: “I’m thrilled young people are watching factual documentaries on a commercial network. TEN love the show and would be happy to make many more,” and the shift from stunts to immersive reporting, “The show was never intended to be about me doing crazy things, it was about exploring people doing interesting things. So it’s about getting the balance right. I’m a beginner so all the feedback I get is helpful.

“Next I want to do a show about addiction, and another Body Hack.”

GRANT DENYER on upcoming Game of Games: “It’s monumentally big. By far the biggest set TEN’s ever made and one of the biggest sets in the country” and whether he has spoken with Ellen DeGeneres, “She’s been in Uganda campaigning to save the gorillas so I think she’s just back in America and we’re hoping to reconnect. This is one of the first formats out of the US so they are watching it really closely.”

VIRGINIA TRIOLI on being ABC’s go-to girl: “When they want you, you say ‘yes.’ So I’m actually going from here to 7:30 to do 3 nights of that then back on News Breakfast on Friday and there are other things as well. It’s nice to move around.”

ANDY LEE on the True Story cast, “Last year there were a lot of favours pulled in. Hamish and I were fortunate that people are now reaching out to be in it. Our make-up artist bumped into Essie Davis and she said she’s be happy to do it! Straight off Game of Thrones!”

ASHER KEDDIE on writing a book, “I can’t say anything yet, but it’s a novel. It’s something I really enjoy and I’ve liked the story for a long time. So I’d like to try and make that work.”

MARC FENNELL on whether Screen Time will return to ABC: “I’m not sure what they’re doing with it. There’s been a lot of movement and change at the ABC. I certainly haven’t heard anybody picking it up anytime soon. So I don’t know.”

KERRI-ANNE KENNERLEY on Sunday Night reporting: “I’m still talking to them but we haven’t done anything this year. They didn’t have a show on for the first half of this year. But I have a lot on with Specsavers, travelling a bit, looking after John, so it’s all fabulous.”

OSHER GUNSBERG on filming The Bachelorette: “We’re about a week and a half in. So we have a mansion of beautiful, handsomely-chiselled, lovely, kind men. Ali now has the task of having to kick them out.”

DEBORAH MAILMAN on Mystery Road‘s ratings success over Barnaby Joyce interview: “There’s always the nervousness when a politician takes over the numbers. But it has restored my faith to be honest” and on a possible second season, “We’re always the last to know. There’s a bigger conversation going on right now. I would love to see Mystery Road and Cleverman go ahead. But we’re just not privy to that conversation.”

HUNTER PAGE-LOCHARD on Harrow: “People love Ioan (Gruffudd). It’s fun-loving and also a drama as well, and we don’t have a lot of that, I guess.”


GEORGE NEGUS: “I used to think you had to be dead before you got into the Hall of Fame. You get a Logie and you think it’s a lot of rubbish, but you get two and you think ‘Maybe they have recognised how clever I am.’ Then you judge the Logies, present the Logies, you die and get into the Hall of Fame.”

Food Safari

ANDREW WINTER on getting a Gold nomination and TV journos asking ‘Who?’: “It doesn’t really matter what platform you see it on, you either like the show or you don’t.”

SHAYNNA BLAZE: “There’s nothing wrong with being a quiet achiever, as well. But as you say, they are writing about TV, it isn’t just Free to Air.”

Gardening Australia


EWEN LESLIE on Safe Harbour being well-received: “We all loved the scripts, loved doing it and we were all passionate about it. The fact that people appreciated something that was quite complicated in its storytelling I thought was really great.”

Studio 10

A Current Affair

Plus, a handful of others still to come in separate stories…..

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