Nine snatches Thursday win

Ratings: Home & Away tops entertainment shows. 7:30 and Nine News win their slots.

On a very quiet night of viewing Home and Away was the top entertainment show at a mere 611,000 viewers.

Reality juggernauts were absent leaving 7:30 as a timeslot winner on 535,000 (Nine split scheduling notwithstanding). A David Attenborough special followed on 437,000 for TEN then Seven’s Single Wives still lagging on 329,000. Nine’s new Driving Test was 254,000 in 3 cities.

The Chase and Hot Seat were neck and neck in game show battles at 539,000 and 521,000 respectively. TEN Eyewitness News drew 389,000.

The Front Bar is still winning in Melbourne over The Footy Show, 218,000 vs 147,000.

Nine News also managed a win over Seven News last night.

Nine network won Thursday with 30.2% then Seven 28.9%, ABC 16.1%, TEN 15.3% and SBS 9.4%.

Nine News (932,000 / 904,000) was #1 for Nine then A Current Affair (739,000), Hot Seat (521,000/ 307,000), Thursday Night NRL (419,000 in 2 cities) and The Footy Show (367,000). RBT was 261,000 in 3 cities and Driving Test was 254,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (923,000 / 873,000) led for Seven then Home and Away (611,000), The Chase (539,000 / 343,000), The Single Wives (329,000), The Front Bar (317,000 in 3 cities), and Flights From Hell (234,000).

ABC News (674,000), 7:30 (535,000), Grand Designs Australia (501,000), Sammy J (313,000), Everyone’s a Critic (283,000), Think Tank (199,000) and Victoria (171,000) comprised ABC’s night.

The Project (501,000 / 284,000) was best for TEN. David Attenborough and the Giant Elephant was 437,000, TEN Eyewitness News drew 389,000, Law & Order: SVU was 219,000 and Blue Bloods was 155,000 / 101,000.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (234,000), Tour de France (184,000), Bonnie and Clyde (167,000), SBS World News (149,000) and Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen (143,000).

7TWO’s Father Brown topped multichannels with 227,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 26 July 2018

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  1. Hi David. I’m desperate to know if Ten Eyewitness News Melbourne has experienced a lift in ratings since Jennifer Keyte’s arrival.
    I enjoy seeing her front and centre 5 nights a week.
    However, I’m still waiting for the News ‘Dept’ to get a cash injection and rebranding from CBS.

      1. Yeah I tried but couldn’t find how to get there again.
        CBS-10 Eyewitness News sounds great. Ten News needs a cash injection and make over. It’s been well over 10 years.
        Thanks for the reply but you can keep your passive aggressiveness.

      2. Actually, one could not trawl through the ratings archive oneself to compare Ten news ratings over different periods, because Ten news would rarely if ever be in the Top 20, therefore the info would only be available to OzTam subscribers, which is probably why people ask David for ratings I for in many different shows outside the Top 20.

      1. That would be very interesting as our house as a result of our version have been recording and trying the UK version, but skipping all the extra waffle and questions that are too UK specific we have no chance of answering!!

        1. In some ways the Aussie version has driven us back, because the Aussie version is so easy (the questions too simple and less options to choose from). I don’t feel like I am learning anything, because I can answer nearly all questions. At least with the British version, my history knowledge is increasing.
          However, loved the second episode where the father-son were allowed to banter in an Aussie way – so funny. British contestants seem quite formal.

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