Paul Fenech wraps Deadly Down Under for 7mate

Comedian Paul Fenech has completed a new secret project for 7mate, Deadly Down Under.

Fenech (Bogan Hunters, Housos, Pizza) -and his trusty hunting sausage dog Fonz- is now in search of the deadly of the deadliest creatures.

Together with presenters Jacquie Rodriquez and Elle Cooper, they dive with great white sharks, handle venomous snakes and wrestle crocodiles, meet with the survivors of deadly attacks and trawl the history books for the deadliest events on record.

“This is Steve Irwin meets Pauly Fenech with a touch of Bear Grylls and Instagram models all thrown in the mix. Deadly Down Under blends the most dangerous animals on the planet, Australia’s greatest mysteries and the beauty and danger of Down Under’s natural environment,” he says.

“I think I must be Australia’s only croc-wrestling, snake-catching, Harley-riding comedian/explorer. What a great job!”

Deadly Down Under has wrapped filming and will be airing on 7mate in September.

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