1. Wow, surprised about the news figures. Can’t remember the last week that I turned the news off so frequently. Keep hopefully turning it on thinking that something else might be happening in the world. Disappointed every time.

  2. I feel that pilot week would have got a better sampling if at a consistent timeslot each night, perhaps 7:30pm, rather than following Ten’s reality shows which end at random times.

  3. The best part of the ABC News coverage was later in the evening when they had a BOF super that referred to Tony Abbott’s “roll” in the challenge. Has Tony become a baker, or do they just not teach so-called “journalists” to spell these days?

  4. Taboo was great. Shame the numbers don’t support it. I still hope it gets picked up as it seems like a winner to me, maybe just promote it better.

  5. My husband and I really enjoyed watching Taboo. Actually made us re-evaluate life, so nice to see a commercial network get us to think and reflect but also to get an insight into the lives and thoughts of four Australians who either are confined to an wheelchair or are an amputee. Well done 10!

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