Airdate: Take Me Out

Seven's new dating show hosted by Joel Creasey will start Monday week.

Seven’s new dating show Take Me Out, hosted by Joel Creasey will start Monday week.

Dance Boss concludes next Tuesday night. Seven also has All Together Now on the way soon.

The series is based on Taken Out, developed in Australia by FremantleMedia, who is producing the new version too. It was also the basis for the international cult show If You Are the One.

Exciting, provocative, candid and funny, Take Me Out is a fresh and funny dating show. A single male player is introduced to panel of 30 girls and tries to persuade them to keep their lights on so he can choose one for a potential date on the tropical Gold Coast. The show provides an entertaining mixture of comedy, jeopardy, surprises and possibly… romance.

First impressions count as the first player comes on. Will the panel like what they see, or will the player be one big turn off! If the panel are not impressed, they can switch out their podium lights and if it’s a total blackout, the player goes home dateless!

Even if the player scores well at first glance, they’ll need to impress the panel more. How will they react when the player demonstrates a skill or reveals an important fact or maybe they’re given an insight into the player’s character from an ex! This show certainly isn’t afraid to reveal someone’s biggest weaknesses or darkest secrets.

Finally, the tables are turned on the panel and the player gets to choose whom he will take out by eliminating all but the two he likes best. Tensions run high as he asks the final two panellists one revealing question. Before he player reveals his choice the host reveals a mystery fact about one of the girls. The player is then invited to turn off the light of his least favourite.

Once they’ve picked their lucky partner, they’ll be Taken Out on the ultimate date which will be captured on camera for all to be revealed on the next show.

A new single flirty female now joins the panel line-up and they’re all in the spotlight again as a new player enters. Let’s see just how many girls this guy can keep turned on.

7:30pm Monday September 3 on Seven.


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  1. Sorry but Joel is the worse person I could imagine hosting this. Massive by pass for me on this crap. Joel doesn’t have appeal to get a big audience. I think Channel seven going to have another Dance Boss on their hands.

  2. Big fan of If You Are the One but newer episodes have revised the formula, they’ve made the process way too contrived. Hoping the Aussie perspective will give things a different spin and make this a good alternative. The ads for this are only focusing on the sex appeal though, which has me worried.

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