Bumped: Street Smart

TEN acts on its new sitcom after just one night in the Sunday schedule.

TEN is moving new sitcom Street Smart after just one episode in its Sunday night schedule.

From next week it will air on Monday nights following Have You Been Paying Attention?

It follows disappointing ratings for the production at 365,000 viewers despite a good lead in by All Aussie Adventures on 881,000.

Yesterday Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey told staff comedy as subjective and hard to get right.

Bull is also expected to move slots.

TEN is yet to announce its replacement.

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  1. There’s a reason why a company like Jungle is doing well. Regardless of what you think of their shows they’re dedicated to the craft. They do comedy well. Street Smart is a typical fly by the seat of your pants CJZ Production with little regard for the script and the craft. The writing was old fashion and the casting very average. The tone was inconsistent and the comedy sketch like in style.

  2. And TEN programming maintains they know exactly what they are doing.
    ” It’s all good” , and “comedy is just sooo hard to get right , isn’t it ?”
    Yes it is , and that’s what you people get paid to do – isn’t it ?
    Cut to New York where CBS dude raises an eyebrow checking out the overnights.
    He swigs the last of his double malted and buzzes his receptionist…”Hey Alice , book me a ticket to Sydney “…

    1. I guess they thought since the dreadful Here Come The Habibs was a huge ratings success for Nine, that the same writers would strike Gold for them? Maybe Ms McGarvey should have had Street Smart as one of the pilot shows and therefore it wouldn’t have been so embarrassing if the viewers didn’t vote for it. But then again this is the same woman who axed Family Feud and commissioned the really bad Pointless with the screaming Mark Humphries. And she has managed to stuff up Survivor Australia as well. The beauty of the American version is that it was a 42 minute show once a week. Ten crammed four 95 minute plus episodes (with heaps of ads) four nights a week last week – and that was just way too much for fans like me. I ended up taping them but since the eliminated contestants are now all known there is no point to watch it. Ms McGarvey has to be given her marching orders before she…

  3. I wanted to like it, and it had so much potential. I hate to say that given the hard work that’s gone into it, but it was just stupid. Funny that TEN yesterday was talking about not making crappy shows anymore, the day after Street Smart aired. In hindsight, maybe this should have been part of pilot week, because there’s a few more pilot comedies that Look a lot better & more promising than this

  4. Gees 10 it’s had 1 episode. Surely you could give it a better go than that? It takes time for new shows to establish themselves. Networks are too impatient these days.

    1. TEN knew it was bad though, so held on for a long time. With the ratings for shows that followed, I agree they needed to act quick. 49k left watching TEN at 10:30 is not good enough.

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