Denise Drysdale taking time out from Studio 10

Update: Legendary TV presenter Denise Drysdale will take time out from Studio 10 but told presenters she would be seen next year.

Gold Coast-based presenter said she was tiring of the travel and not being able to sleep in her own bed. She had planned to depart but producers coaxed her into remaining part of the family with occasional appearances.

“I spoke to our executive producer and said, “I need to go. I had a meeting and they said, “We don’t want you to go. Have a break. Then come back”. So I am lucky to still be working at my age and have an opportunity to have a little break,” she said.

News of Drysdale’s exit was broken by Peter Ford yesterday.

Drysdale joined the TEN morning show in November 2015 as a fifth presenter, in a “job-sharing” arrangement with Ita Buttrose.

Late last year both were caught up in a headline-grabbing “Brussels Sprout-gate” during a festive shoot when Drysdale tossed Brussels Sprouts at Buttrose on set.

Since then the show has seen a string of high-profile departures including Executive Producer Rob McKnight -now locked in a salary dispute with the network- presenters Ita Buttrose and Jessica Rowe. It recently added Angela Bishop and Denise Scott to the family.

Rowe and Drysdale are happily fronting a popular podcast One Fat Lady & One Thin Lady.

Meanwhile ratings for the show continue to face an uphill battle, on Tuesday averaging 48,000 against The Morning Show’s 150,000 and Today Extra’s 89,000.

TEN advised Drysdale will confirm her plans on Studio 10 this morning.


  1. Gees, she’s about to turn 70, lives on the Gold Coast. I’d be looking to take a long holiday and cutting back on days in Sydney at that age too. Give her a break.

  2. Previously they mentioned they had an acting Executive Producer but in the clip they said Lucy is the EP? It would be great to see an interview with her and the vision she has for the show?

    • Ten should just axe the show at the end of this year. It has lost its shine and with the departures of both Denise and Ita it now lacks any star power.

  3. She just said that she is going on a cruise in September, then getting a new puppy when she returns, and needs a break to settle it in, and she wants to not have to travel for a while, but she will be back next year. She may also do various reports from Qld.

  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if the show is axed. Joe Hildebrand joked about this the other day saying “the way things are going I’ll have a house for sale soon”.

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