Four Corners: Sept 3

On Monday’s Four Corners, Sarah Ferguson reports on “Populist Revolution”, and interview with US political strategist Steve Bannon and a new world disorder…..

“This revolution is global. It’s coming to Australia.” Steve Bannon

As the Liberal Party tries to piece itself back together after the chaos of last week, Four Corners brings you an interview with the man hoping to overthrow the entire political class.

“I think that Australia is going to be a hotbed of populism.”

Steve Bannon put Donald Trump in the White House and rewrote the rules of modern politics along the way. Described as the most dangerous political operative in America, the strategist, renegade Republican and professional provocateur channeled the anger and disappointment of those who felt left behind by globalism to install Donald Trump as president.

“There’s a lot of anger out there and I think that this anger can be harnessed.”

Now, he’s taking his cause to the world in a crusade to “save” western civilisation, as the leader of a global populist-nationalist movement. He calls it a revolution.

“Populism is about getting decision making away from a set of kind of global elites…and get it back to working class people.”

In an age of upheaval, he sees opportunity. After playing a key role in Britain’s Brexit campaign, he’s been forging links with right wing nationalist groups across Europe, including the French National Front.

Australia is next on his radar. He’s identified Australia as ripe for his brand of revolution and plans to bring it here.

“Australia is at the tip of the spear on this.”

In an interview with Sarah Ferguson, Bannon outlines his manifesto for change and why it resonates with people around the world.

“It doesn’t matter how many liberal journalists come in here and say ‘Oh this is a bunch of fascists, this is a bunch of Nazis, this is a bunch of racists.’ This… is not going to stop.” Steve Bannon

Monday 3rd September at 8.30pm on ABC.


  1. I can imagine that the young liberals, who want to sell the ABC, will be glued to their screens for this interview. What irony?
    From “Trump Whisperer” to “Sloppy Steve” in 17 months. Interestingly, Steve’s multi-millionaire position was helped by his portion of the royalties from Seinfield’s “show about nothing”.

    • Possibly too the adult Liberals who voted overwhelmingly to adopt that policy.

      Bannon was always more of a bagman & hanger-on than an actual player, so that also might attract some …

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