Industry unites against harassment, sexual harassment & bullying.

Screen Producers Australia & Live Performance Australia have released industry codes to prevent workplace discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying.

It follows draft documents released in April seeking industry comment.

Matthew Deaner, CEO of Screen Producers Australia said, “Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. The Screen Industry Code will provide producers with practical tools to create a safe and positive work environment for all workers in our industry. We are united and committed to this cause.”

LPA Chief Executive, Evelyn Richardson said, “It’s important for our industry to have consistent standards and practices that provide safe and respectful workplaces for all our workers. While many of our members already have policies and procedures in place, we see a vital role for providing an industry code and tools that can be implemented by companies irrespective of company size, capability or resources. This code is a part of our commitment to driving meaningful and long term cultural change.”

“These changes are necessary to ensure that everyone in the industry gets the message about making our workplaces safe and inclusive for all,” said Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance chief executive Paul Murphy. “The processes in the new policy are crystal clear and will lead to better workplaces throughout Australia’s entertainment industry.”

Codes will take effect on 3 September, accompanied by education campaigns and industry training.


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