Karl’s “man on death row” question backfires

“What’s it like talking to a man on death row?” Karl Stefanovic cheekily asked Deputy PM Julie Bishop this morning on Today.

But he didn’t count on her answer.

“Well I’m talking to you Karl what are you suggesting?”

Her answer, whether intended at a dig at the Nine host or not, comes at a time when Today is under continued ratings pressure.

Last week it drew its lowest weekly numbers all year, averaging 222,000 to Sunrise‘s 281,000.

Yesterday Sunrise still had the edge at 263,000 to Today‘s 226,000.


  1. Much as I dislike pollies of all colours, good on you Julie Bishop. Stefanovic was being his usual smarta**e, arrogant self and she was way too good for him. He’s just a rather average ‘talking head’ with no real depth – much like most of the other breakfast show hacks and so-called ‘celebrities’.

  2. Am not a fan of Julia at all…but that reply was pure gold

    Not exactly sure why but Carl is unwatchable for me…he makes me feel really really uncomfortable…I have a feeling it has to do with my newfound loathing of…smug. i don’t know him…he is likely a nice guy…but it just how he comes across to me

    • “Julia”? No, this one’s “Julie”. And it’s Karl with a K, not with a C.
      Stuck with ABC News this morning. Seems she did the sensible thing and stayed inside, leaving the minus zero temps to those who simply had to fly in and sit outside in the freezer.

  3. Well, the question was put metaphorically which is okay by me and he obviously wanted to bait Ms. Bishop who should be thick skinned enough by now to accept this sort of thing from the likes of Karl. Had she laughed it off I would have respected her more than I do but she chose the opposite tack. Having said that I still think Karl is a …!!!!

  4. loved her answer and he deserved it. He only asks these types of questions to get clickbait, but when magazines do the same thing regarding his personal life he sooks,

  5. Sure did. I’m so sick of Karl grandstanding and sensationalising many of his interviews. I saw this and thought it was a brilliant answer. If he’d just ask proper questions, he might find he gets more answers.

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