Next stop, reboot Designing Women.

80s sitcom is the latest in a long line of nostalgic reboots.

25 years after it ended, US sitcom Designing Women is the latest nostalgic show eyeing a reboot, under its creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason.

The show about four women and one man working together at an interior designing firm in Atlanta ran for 7 seasons from 1986-1993.

Starring Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, Annie Potts, Jean Smart and Meshach Taylor it tackled subjects including women’s rights, domestic abuse, homophobia and HIV-AIDS prejudice.

Annie Potts recently said, “Every Monday night was a #MeToo moment for us, and we were talking about it; we were very political. I’m sad that there’s not such a strong voice, I don’t think, in any singular show. Nobody is doing what we did then.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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