Politics under the microscope drives ABC’s Monday

Ratings: Nine wins Monday with The Block. Dance Boss limps out in fourth place.

ABC’s Monday night line-up dissecting a week of political turmoil drew bumper audiences last night pushing the network to second place in primary channel share. In contrast Seven was punished with its reality dance finale which petered out in fourth place.

The Block won its slot with 1.09m viewers and topped the demos. 7:30, Australian Survivor, Australian Story and Dance Boss followed -only around 250,000 were watching when a winner was declared. SBS lost a its audience when Body Coach began at 8:30.

From around 8:45 Have You Been Paying Attention? won its slot with 801,000 but Four Corners was close on 779,000 then Doctor Doctor on 639,000.

By 9:30 the combination of Media Watch and a very fiery Q&A continued ABC’s might until around 11pm.

Seven News, ACA and The Chase won their slots.

Nine network won Monday with 28.8% then Seven 23.5%, ABC 22.1%, TEN 19.8% and SBS 5.8%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.09m viewers then Nine News (1.03m / 1.01m), A Current Affair (840,000), Doctor Doctor (639,000) and Hot Seat (549,000 / 348,000). Footy Classified was 175,000 in 3 cities, Dr. Christian Jessen Will See You Now was 91,000 in 2 cities and 100% Footy was 45,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News (1.07m / 1.01m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (633,000), The Chase (620,000 / 384,000) and Dance Boss (349,000 / 264,000). Life Sentence debuted with 102,000.

ABC News (810,000), Four Corners (779,000), Media Watch (738,000), 7:30 (702,000), Australian Story (638,000), Q&A (525,000), and Think Tank (235,000) comprised ABC’s night.

Have You Been Paying Attention? (801,000) led for TEN then Australian Survivor (674,000), The Project (560,000 / 304,000), Pointless (267,000) and Street Smart (242,000). The Graham Norton Show repeat was just 91,000.

On SBS it was Empire of the Tsars (223,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (166,000), SBS World News (140,000), and Body Coach (98,000). The Chef’s Line was 56,000.

ABC KIDS topped multichannels with Noddy Toyland Detective on 183,000.

Sunrise: 298,000
Today: 252,000
News Breakfast: 119,000 / 45,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 27 August 2018

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  1. I thought Q&A would be interesting this week but the clincher was Bob Katter, no matter what you think of his politics he’s always entertaining in his own shouty way. Throw in Pauline Hanson & a greens senator….tv gold! I note Pauline was quite well behaved, i wonder if they briefed her beforehand on the appropriate thing to wear lol.

  2. I watched ‘Life Sentence’-reasonably amusing and a good, suitable cast-can’t really see how it sustains the scenario itself in the longer term though before it’s a ‘Modern Family’/’Life In Pieces’ clone.

  3. “100% Footy was 45,000 in 2 cities”. With these ratings, why does this show exist? There are too many tedious football panel shows to watch, surely one show per week per network is enough. Use the time slot to air US content

    1. After The Block I switched over to Dance Loss. Dannii is a great host, let down by the local interpretation of the format.

      Had they eased up on the tinsel, fireworks and flashing lights it could have built an audience.

      They ran promos for Take Me Out which may fare better because speed matchmaking of weird people is strangely compelling, and Joel Creasey seems in his element.

        1. I just wasn’t interested even from the promos. Looked cheap (even though it wouldn’t have been to make) and trashy, also interested in thoughts on Dannii being the executive of the whole show!? Looked like it needed more depth in content and planning, poorly executed. The judges also weak, including a barely memorable H&A actress from a decade age when this website launched, almost just a excuse to have an H&A reunion and act, well well well, they did. Overall score: Ew.

          All Together Now looks more promising, sadly not Joel Creasy. Would like to have The Wall come back, it was an it initial hit with TGD in last quarter and saved Seven’s main channel by 0.1

  4. Speaking of Doctor, Doctor … dunno if it was deliberate, but the plot well demonstrated the ongoing problematic attitude of metro media toward stories from the bush. Revolutionary heart surgery at a regional hospital? Nah. Pissing wombat? Yes, yes, yes!!!

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