Trial by Kyle

“I think everyone hopes it will go (ahead) but I also don’t give a f*** if it doesn’t,” Kyle Sandilands has said of his TEN pilot Trial By Kyle.

“I’m not going to cry and be on Xanax or anything. I don’t care.”

Fair enough. But if the talent doesn’t give a f*** should anybody else (including this reviewer)?

I dare say TEN and producers Screentime care, and probably the poor mugs who worked on the show too. But I digress….

Trial by Kyle is not just a Judge Judy lookalike. It is Judge Judy. From the cheap repertory theatre set, to the bailiff lookalike and the entire storytelling, this is a clone from start to finish. I’d say Ms. Sheindlin would have a helluva case if she wanted to sue.

It’s sole point of difference is actually Anna Heinrich. Didn’t see that coming.

This is a hefty one-hour show with around half a dozen cases including faded reality stars, instagram wanna-bes (and yes, I realise I write this as a blogger) who are consumed with their own self-importance and the chance to be on the telly again, over beefs about cosmetic surgery and paparazzi. Such pursuits should not be encouraged.

Amongst the “non-celebrity” cases the show is seriously trailer trash, with the casting dept. having gone to great lengths to find people who never made it onto The Jerry Springer Show. There are arguments over dogs, buying beers and web-porn. Yep. It’s that kinda show.

At various times ex-Bachelor contestant Anna Heinrich draws upon her legal background to provide evidence from Instagram or emails. Not quite sure if she is Prosecutor or Defence or both. Others including vet Lisa Chimes and singer Shannon Noll offer expert advice (I guess Nollsy declined to sort out his differences with a beer can chucker).

The participants have agreed to a civil contract to abide by our mediator’s ruling, who also has a pot of cash to award if he deems fit.

Despite his clear lack of legal expertise Kyle is actually the best thing about this very silly show. His blunt charisma works to effect amid pointless, time-wasting cases. Somehow through it all he even manages to arrive at a balanced outcome. On that score this will probably get picked up to series.

For some this will be car-crash telly and a guilty pleasure. Others will struggle to give a f***, to borrow a phrase.

Trial By Kyle airs 8:30pm tonight on TEN.


  1. This was the show I was most eagerly anticipating, but was disappointed and switched off after the fourth case. I’m wondering if some of these disputes were even real, or were they just taking the piss ? I like Kyle, but this show isn’t for me.

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