True Story with Hamish & Andy: Aug 14

This week on True Story with Hamish & Andy a feline tale from Townsville.

The cast includes Dave Lawson, David James, Anne Edmonds, Katrina Milosevic, Sam Pang & Georgia Love.

Alan had eclectic interests in Townville in the late 1980s. He ran a fishing charter business, helped his friend run an animal shelter, and had an agreement with a man called Graham, who was the district manager for a regional airline, where he would take Graham’s VIP clients on boating trips while they were in town. One fateful day Alan got a panicked call from Graham who explained he had a unique problem. A Persian purebred cat had arrived on a flight dead and the owners would be arriving the following day. Graham asked Alan if he could help find a replacement cat with his connections at the animal shelter, hoping the owners won’t tell the difference. All this seems perfectly reasonable to Alan, who diligently begins on a cat transformation mission with results that seemed crazy even to him.

8:40pm Tuesday on Nine.

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