What I’ve Been Watching: Troy Kinne

Comedian serves up his latest offering Kinne Tonight on Wednesday night as part of Pilot Week.

TV Tonight recently asked him what else he’s been watching?

1. What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
Lately I’m loving the series adaptation of Get Shorty. I tend to enjoy when someone known as a ‘funny person’ on screen takes on a villain-esque role and nails it. Chris O’Dowd is awesome in Get Shorty and I completely buy him as a tough guy, even though in real life I’m sure I could beat the s%*#t out of him. I felt the same way when David Schwimmer appeared in Band of Brothers as the intimidating drill sergeant. At first sight you think to yourself “oh it’s Ross from Friends.” Then after 1 minute you’ve completely forgotten that he was Ross from Friends. It’s impressive to watch. I also got into Showtime’s series Barry staring Bill Hader as a hitman. Again, for the same reasons.

2. What is your favourite genre to watch and which shows are highlights?
Surprisingly, I seem to get hooked on dramas more than comedies. I prefer comedy movies but love getting obsessed with a dramatic TV series, especially if it contains a splash of a mysterious world . Westworld has my attention at the moment as does season 2 of Glitch. Patrick Brammall – another example of a ‘funny guy’ winning me over in a serious role.) I’m still yet to have a show hook me as much as Lost did, or Breaking Bad.

3. Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit to watching?
I watched every episode of the Australian series of Love Island, there I said it. In my defence, I was doing editing work at the time and I always finished right when it started, then I just became hooked. I think there’s a guilty pleasure in seeing other people get screwed over in the ‘love’ department. I’ve also watched every episode of Ex on the Beach. Probably for the same reasons.

4. Which shows are appointment viewing in your house?
I miss the days where every Thurs was Seinfeld night or Lost night. Now with VOD and streaming being the ideal choice for viewing, I find that I make ‘appointments’ with creators I trust and love. Anything by Working Dog, Ricky Gervais, Larry David, Kristen Wiig, I put aside almost anything to make sure I see it as soon as possible. I’m also extremely excited to see Becky Lucas’s new pilot, even though I have no idea what it is. I get excited by anything produced by entertainers I’m a fan of.

5. And which are just a complete turn off?
Love Island and Ex on the Beach (smirk emoji). I need to stress I did not watch these shows because I found them entertaining, I watched because I think it makes us feel better about ourselves to point the finger at others. These type of shows allow this. The ones I steer clear on because the cringe factor merges into pure dislike are shows that follow the rich and privileged living a life so far from the reality most of us know that it’s just annoying and disheartening.

6. What can we look forward to seeing in Kinne Tonight?
I had somewhat of an epiphany while watching the documentary series Flint which follows police officers who work every day in the murder/crime capital of America – a town called Flint. In one scene a police officer has returned home from a typical day of work where he has seem horrific and miserable things. He slumps into his chair opposite the TV and is watching a Conan O’Brien type Tonight Show. His expression morphs from stress to chucking at a joke made on the show. Seeing this made me realise that it is fine if my show does not have an agenda, or a need to influence people’s thinking. My only real agenda is to give hard working folks like the police officer in Flint, an escape for 30 minutes where they can laugh at the ridiculousness of how seriously we take ourselves. Kinne Tonight will focus on all of the little relatable things in life that we encounter every day and it will make a connection with its viewers, allowing them to indulge in some therapeutic silliness once a week.

Kinne Tonight airs 9pm Wednesday on TEN.

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  1. Troy, I used to think you were funny, but now I’m beginning to think you’re just weird. “Love Island”, “Ex On The Beach”, really?

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