Chandon Pictures on ABC Comedy

10 years after it first aired on Pay TV, Rob Carlton-created comedy Chandon Pictures will on ABC Comedy.

Both seasons will run up to Christmas on ABC Comedy.

Here is the press release that ran a decade ago!

Move over Michael Moore! Australian documentary filmmaker Tom Chandon (Rob Carlton), is ready to turn the filmmaking world upside down. The eight-part comedy series, Chandon Pictures follows the amusing misadventures of Tom Chandon and his hapless video production company – Chandon Pictures.

Tom’s portfolio doesn’t extend much beyond wedding videos – but he’s a dreamer. With the help of his loyal cameraman Nick (Darren Gilshenan), pragmatic producer Lucy (Rebecca Massey) and a good dose of his own self-delusion, Tom manages to twist each client’s brief to cater to his own documentary-making dreams. To date, his greatest achievement has been a strange little film called, Bonzo: The Clown that Killed a Child.

Constant reality checks are delivered by his successful, younger brother Carmichael (Josh Lawson), but Tom’s determined to make a difference. He “just wants to do something great while he’s alive…and without selling out to Hollywood”.

Written and created by Rob Carlton, Chandon Pictures features a guest cast from a great line-up of well known Australian faces including; Justine Clarke, Angus Sampson, Ed Kavalee, Graeme Blundell, Peter Phelps and Jessica Napier.

In the first episode, Tom is engaged to film a wedding video – but this isn’t the usual wedding. Sherbert (Kathryn Beck) and David (Ed Kavalee) are in love and have been since childhood. There’s only one problem – they’re cousins. Tom struggles to be compassionate about his project, but it could just be his next big thing. Of course, the family just want a nice, proper video, one they can be proud to show their friends and family.

The cousins aren’t allowed to be married in a church, so it’s to be a small affair at David’s parents’ house. Fortunately they have found a priest, Reverend Bevan (Angus Sampson), who is willing to perform the service. Despite some awkward moments, the wedding goes ahead without a hitch…well almost.

8pm Thursday September 20 on ABC Comedy.



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