John Simm open to more Life on Mars

“It’s about time travel so you can get away with anything," suggests John Simm.

UK actor John Simm has told British press he is open to the idea of more Life on Mars.

“Nobody’s mentioned it to me but I’d certainly consider it. Other roles I’ve played, in Prey and Trauma, are everymen, they’re normal guys and it wouldn’t be fair for anything else to happen to them,” he told What’s On TV.

Simm played DCI Sam Tyler opposite Philip Glenister as politically incorrect 70s cop DCI Gene Hunt for two seasons.

Writer Ashley Pharoah previously admitted that there was supposed to be a third series of the cult hit but it never happened.

Life on Mars is very different, because there’s three years between that and Ashes to Ashes which we could mine. It would be do-able,” says Simm.

“It’s about time travel so you can get away with anything – I ended up back in Doctor Who and I never thought that was going to happen!”

Life on Mars also had a US adaptation but Pharaoh previously told TV Tonight they ever got it right.

“Our Life on Mars is essentially a love story between two blokes really. They’re equal, a yin and yang –that gives it its intensity. As soon as they cast Harvey, who’s 70, they didn’t do that two-hander. It was much more of an ensemble piece, because they knew they had to do so many episodes. I think they instantly watered it down a bit,” he said.

Simm will next appear in White Dragon on BBC First.

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  1. The mystery of this show was explained as an alternative purgatory universe for police officers who had not yet crossed over in death but had issues to resolve, to make a further season even if it continues on from the Mars sequel Ashes to Ashes would be an interesting script writing challenge, especially as the writers would need to re-imagine the whole plot again with some new hopefully original twists to keep viewer interest.

  2. I know I’m going to be burnt for this, but … I…. ar….. enjoyed the US version. There, said it.
    Loved the locations, 1970’s music, and of course NYC. Actually it was very funny from memory. I know, nothing like the UK one, but it you look at it for what it was a stand alone show, it’s amusing. Right-e-o… bring it!

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