Returning: Our Girl

UK drama Our Girl, starring Michelle Keegan, is back for its third season on BBC First.

This season sees Shalom Brune-Franklin (Doctor, Doctor) join the cast.

The season was divided into two blocks (2017: 4 eps / 2018: 8 eps) all of which will now screen in this run.

Our Girl follows the extraordinary adventures of a female medic in the British Army and the tight-knit unit of soldiers in 2-section as they fight for survival on the most dangerous missions of their lives. Friendships are formed, personal demons are confronted and relationships are pushed to their limits as the team take on challenges across the globe – each four-parter is named after the location of a different base. This action-packed drama highlights the highs and lows of military life, where heroics and hard work meet constant threat.

8:30pm Monday October 1 on BBC First


  1. The tv movie i liked and the first series was good but 2 and 3 are really not very good, its turned into a soap, it should have been left as a tv movie or a mini series.

  2. Did S2 air in this country? The ABC aired the TVM and then later S1 about Afghanistan in 2015, and they repeated it a couple of times, and it also ran on one of the BBC’s Foxtel channels. But I don’t recall ever seeing S2, or even any notification of it airing anywhere.

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