Returning: The Good Doctor

Season 2 is now confirmed for Tuesday next week on Seven.

Season 2 of The Good Doctor is now confirmed for next week on Seven.

It’s back at 8:35pm Tuesday October 2 on Seven.

Shaun’s proposed treatment for a homeless patient puts him and Jared in Andrew’s crosshairs.

This airs a week after its US return (tomorrow).

The last ever episode of 800 Words will follow at the later time of 9:35pm.

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  1. Attempted to watch the first episode of this show, but that fake voice is like fingernails on a chalk board.

    Have to watch the ads on mute or change channels, can’t stand it.

  2. Even though I like the show this current series does not seem to have the spark of the first two seasons. I would have liked two episodes tonight instead of wading through the annoying Good Doctor. I liked the first few episodes of the Good Doctor and then to me I was just getting annoyed, at his antics and it became very much the same every episode.

  3. 800 Words is rating 450k, has been cancelled so there are no more episodes left. The fans still watching will watch the final episode at 9:35pm. The Good Doctor will rate nearly twice as much and it is the start of a whole season of around 20 episodes. Putting it on at 9:35pm and reducing its audience would be stupid and highly expensive.

  4. Would it kill them to treat the series finale of this amazing Australian show with the respect it deserves??? Why not put this American show on after 800 words???? Stupid channel 7.

    1. Wife and I are currently struggling to binge through what’s been broadcast so far of this final season. 800 Words has totally lost its appeal and deserves to die.

    2. I agree that they could have run a double this week, rather than bump the final episode to 9:30. It would have made sense to fast track Greys and pair the two doctor shows, like they did earlier this year!

      1. Yeah I agree, the 3 season, were enough of a story without “flogging a dead horse.” Knowing when to end a show is also an art to the storytelling and ending with a fitting conclusion.

      1. Yes that’s what i wrote, happy you can read but no need for the question mark. My opinion and clearly you have a different one.
        Erik Thompson said there was another season where it would be a year later. Maybe stan could pick it up.

          1. Yes am fully aware that seven splits shows in half and next week is the series finale.
            It was reported in tv week recently what Erik Thompson said about a season four and that he wasn’t happy it got axed.

  5. Hey,David! Do you by any chance have details on who will be airing the new Charmed and Legacies? is it possible both have been picked up internationally by Netflix?

        1. Charmed is distributed by CBS so that one could up on Ten, however Legacies is distributed by Warner Bros.. so technically that could be picked up by whomever purchases it

      1. Thanks for the heads up! I just had a look on their Facebook page.. you’re right. I’m left disappointed,tbh. I haven’t watched FTA in a very long time and i don’t plan on it.

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