A Country Practice plans reboot

TV Tonight can confirm reports this week that A Country Practice is being developed for a reboot.

Yesterday New Idea reported Fremantle has the rights to the show and is considering a contemporary take.

While no network has yet boarded the concept, sources note Fremantle’s success with rebooting Prisoner as Wentworth under Drama exec Jo Porter.

A Country Practice ran from 13 seasons on Seven from 1981 – 1993 before a short-run on TEN in 1994, and won 29 Logies.

The cast included Penny Cook, Georgie Parker, Brett Climo, Grant Dodwell, Shane Withington, Joan Sydney, Lorrae Desmond, Shane Porteous, Judith McGrath, Brian Wenzel, Matt Day, Jo Mitchell, Syd Heylen, Joyce Jacobs and Anne Tenney whose on-screen death is arguably the most memorable drama death in Australian TV history. Cast reunited in 2011 ahead of a 30th anniversary.

Rumours suggest some cast could return alongside new cast if a new-look version proceeds.

Reboots and revivals are frequently making news with rumours of a Seachange return. Whispers persist of at least one other hit drama on the comeback trail.

ACP creator James Davern was inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame in 1991 and honoured with an Order of Australia in 2014.

Fremantle declined to comment.


  1. And, while we’re about it, can we please have Bellbird back, and also Certain Women.

    After 50 odd years, surely it is time to bring back Consider Your Verdict as well. Innovative TV for its time.

  2. Why not just re-show the originals? Yes, they may look a little dated, but so do much loved movies. I would be stoked to have a Retro Aussie drama channel.

  3. Tonight: Cookie and Esmay hatch a plan to cheat at Candy Crush.
    Meanwhile, Dr Elliot teleconferences with specialists from the Alfred to save a man’s life.

  4. Previously, I Would’ve been against something like this. But after seeing what they did with Prisoner / Wentworth – this can be done with huge success.

    I’m looking forward to it.

  5. there are some things you just shouldn’t reboot, for no other reason then the fact that the show is so loved and iconic that a reboot could very well destroy it’s legacy.

    there are many shows that could easily be rebooted, show’s like All Saint’s. Packed to the Rafters (focusing on a new family) Stingers, Water Rats and Blue Heelers.

      • true. but ACP has a very strong place in people’s heart.

        You’re right though Wentworth is it’s own beast, but I wonder how many people who watched Prisoner watch Wentworth? My mum hated Wentworth because it was to violent but watched and rewatched the re-runs of prisoner on foxtel.

        I don’t think you could even call Wentworth a reboot of Prisoner, they may have the same character names, and the same prison name, but I don’t think the two shows can’t really be compared. Apples and Oranges.

        • In some peoples hearts…many younger folk have never seen it…or even heard of it…so would be just another new show….and the networks are after those folk…not your Mum or old as dirt me.. 🙂

          • I was 9 when it ended. I only remember the last few seasons and what I’ve seen in replays. I don’t think a reboot would live up to the original. a new generation may take to it, but it has big shoes to fill

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