“Advertise Here”: Chaser prank at Opera House

Updated: Cheeky Chaser prank with Alan Jones' mobile phone number comes ahead of an apology.

The Chaser team has returned to one of their infamous pranks by projecting an “Advertise Here” image onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House -complete with Alan Jones’ mobile phone number.

On radio this morning, Jones told listeners he was sorry for berating Opera House CEO Louise Herron on radio over her refusal to promote a sporting event, The Everest.

“I used some words in these programs about the Everest, and the Opera House, and Louise, which in hindsight I now most regret hearing, having heard the impact they’ve clearly had on some people,” he said on air.

“In relation to Louise [Herron], I was tough regarding an issue I and others felt is very important.”

Herron is said to be considering legal action over his comments.

The apology came as an online petition opposing the decision to use the Opera House to promote the horse race passed 235,000 signatures this morning.

The petition, led by Sydney resident Mike Woodcock, calls on the NSW Government and Racing NSW to stop turning the Opera House into a “promotional billboard”.

The issue also saw The Project‘s Peter Helliar and Steve Price disagree on air last night.

Updated: Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Chaser’s Charles Firth also clashed today on Studio 10.

Source: ABC

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    1. It left me thinking if this was communist socialist russia or china.. the system of economy lefties like the chasers and their followers just love.. they would have been arrested and belted up by nazi police.

  1. Thank God for the Chaser. We need them now more than ever. Even if you disagree / hate them – they get people talking and they deliver the much-needed muckraking and satire that our society often deserves. The Australian media landscape has been a dull place ever since they laid low.

  2. Peter Helliar was great last night on The Project regarding Alan Jones. I used to like Steve Price but no more after his little display. Good on you Chasers. No one should be spoken to the way Jones spoke uto Ms Herron.

    1. I like Steve Price just not when it comes to politics or his conservative radio mates AKA Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones
      On the topic of the Chaser stunt I think it was clever and creative but perhaps a bit far putting his private number on public display.

  3. from what i have read it would be all over in about an hour so whats the point , if vivd festival can use it samsung used it to promote a phone the wallabies cricket fireworks are ok . ps alan jones is a radio host thats it i have never understood why pollies bow to everything he says and ray hadley he is a talking contradiction

    1. KerriAnne absolutely buried the guy from the chaser on studio ten about this.. i wonder if David will put that up on tvtonight. Im a lawyer and people can be charged for giving out someone’s mobile if it then leads to any form of harassment or menacing conduct via a carriage service.

  4. That’s priceless. Apparently (since I don’t listen or watch him) Alan Jones has a vested interested in the Everest whatever it is. Not disclosed. I did hear his “apology” on ABC News. Didn’t hear him use words such as ” apologise” or “sorry”.

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