Airdate: Deutschland 86

Episodes of spy thriller will screen on Stan same day as Germany, and ahead of the US.

Deutschland 86, the follow-up to the acclaimed Deutschland 83 will debut on Stan next week.

Episodes will screen every Saturday, same day as Germany -and ahead of the US.

Taking place three years after the events of Deutschland 83, the historic spy thriller continues as Jonas Nay once again plays East German undercover agent Martin Rauch in this globetrotting cold war drama. Martin is on a mission to save the German Democratic Republic, and is tasked with dangerous operations that will take him to Tripoli, Paris, West Berlin, and beyond.

Saturday October 20 on Stan.

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  1. Highly recommend this – I saw s1 and realy enjoyed it either as a satire or as a straight spy thriller it all worked. Probably almost as good as ‘The Americans” and thats high praise from me.

  2. I watched Deutschland 83 out of curiosity and ended up binge watching the whole season, whether you would describe the show as a dark spy satire is up to each viewer to decide, it does use the backdrop of the Cold War and East Germany’s Communist role for the Soviet Eastern Bloc in a somewhat selective and concise way but overall it seemed to work. I look forward to the continuation of Martin’s story.

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